Sooner or Later....Before & After

No explanations.  No excuses.
Just a new post.

This is a desk my maternal grandfather built in 1936.
It has been various shades of blah in my memory.
And living hidden away in the utility room.

Until now!
Hello, pretty!
Welcome to the Family (Room)!

This is a shabby little bench my husband drug in from an estate sale.
There is good potential here.


And here is the handsome couple.

Aren't they a lovely pair?


New directions

Lately I've been spending more time working ON tables
than working AT my art table.

Since I love before and afters so much, 
I took some shots to share with you.

Yes, I have ventured of into another realm of the blogosphere.....

.....and caught the furniture painting bug....

You don't want to be too still at my house for very long

or you might get painted!!

......to be continued......


Easter Roses

We traditionally have Flowering of the Cross at our church on Easter.
It is an especially striking and beautiful way to symbolize 
the New Life that emerges from the death on Good Friday 
as we celebrate our risen Lord on Easter morning.

After the evening service, I took a couple of flowers as a memento.

They made lovely subjects to practice my photography and editing skills.



I have something new.......
.......this is what it can do.........

I tried something new......
......this is how it turned out.....


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