Victorian sisters

These three lovely ladies went up on the trading block today.  

I'm kinda getting attached to them.
I will probably hate to see them go.
But I'll hopefully get some cool cards in return.


Robin flies home

For your listening pleasure as you view the pages:

Go ahead, click it.  I'll wait.

Turn it up.    Ready?

 Ok, now you can look:
(Don't enlarge yet or you lose the soundtrack)

This is the conclusion of our Board book Round Robin.  
The last book that I worked in was Linda's: Songs of our Lives
Since the beginning of the RR, I had one song in mind.
I even had elements collected for it.

But I changed my mind at the very last minute.

I'm glad I did.  I love how this turned out.

Now tell the truth:  did that song make you smile??

 Enchanted Door Graphic: Itkupilli


Birds of a feather

Birds are such happy little creatures.  I enjoy collecting images of them to use in my art.  

These are a couple of ATCs I put up for trade at an online forum I recently joined.  I am really having a good time over there, thanks to 'the other Lisa', the one who showed me the way.  ;)

I was so excited yesterday to have been asked to trade this fairy card twice!  I made a deal with the second trader for a print instead.  

The next thing I did was start making more ATCs.  "Can't trade 'em, if you don't make 'em" is what I  always say  just thought up.


Now boarding at Gate 7

The regular readers here (all 4 of you, bless your faithful hearts) will attest that this is a departure from my usual style.  I like this look when others do it, but  can never achieve 100% satisfaction when I attempt it.  I think maybe I stop just short of having 'enough' and it just ends up looking 'busy' instead of cohesive.  Any thoughts?

Interesting side note:  Each time I head out on one of these little artistic excursions, it tends to start with red or orange and it involves wings.  What's up with that?


While sitting at my art table this morning (I just can't seem to call the chaos in a spare bedroom my 'studio') chatting on the phone, these ATC backs I had previously made called out to me.  

I spread all three out before me.........
.....and oddly, began creating them simultaneously, even though they have nothing in common.
I'm thinking of putting them up for trade in an online swap forum I recently joined.

I love blog awards.  I recently received this one from another delightful blogger.  (I want to go on record as stating she and I are both non-biased and completely objective in our admiration for each other.)
As with all such awards, this comes with some directives.  
I am to list 7 things that I love, and pass the award on to 7 others.

For the first part:
  Things I love ( to use in my art)
1. bling
2. buttons
3. butterflies
4. birds
5. clocks
6. chairs
7. pink

For the second part:
The passing of the award
I want to share this "Kreativ" award
with my Round Robin pals:

Ladies, I pass this on to you with no obligation or rules, 
but as an expression of my admiration for your creativity.



Robin's Egg Blue

April was my month to work in Barbara's book.  She asked us to use the theme 'self-portrait'.   I like how this theme challanged me, even frustrated me a bit.  It made me think about how to portray who I am in my art.   The result is a piece I am proud of.  
As in any good piece of art, there is more here than meets the eye: layers, contrasts, symbolism--everything is placed for a purpose.
Most of the time my art just happens.  I'm good with that.  I enjoy it.  But this theme really struck a chord with me.  It was good for me.  While it probably wasn't her original intention, I'm grateful for the challange Barbara's theme presented me.  The process helped me grow.

The biggest step: not using a speck pink!!


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