Come together

There has been a project waiting in the wings at our house for several months now.
We have a little dinette set that has been around for a few years. 
Even though a couple of the chairs are no longer with us, I was reluctant to part with the sweet little table and remaining chairs.  

The wonderful world of blogging opened up the beauty of painted furniture.  After getting my feet wet with a few miscellaneous pieces, I picked out my next project: the dwindling dinette set.  

All this could not have been accomplished without a lot of hard work by my husband.  Thanks, Bobby!

I mentioned there was more to come about these chairs in my last post.
They collected with a purpose.

A motley crew

Chairs in waiting

The lineup

A "matched" set

Mission accomplished


Have a seat

There is something about chairs that appeal to me.
Big ones, little ones, and especially old ones.

My grandmother's rocker c.1940

My baby rocker c. 1979

Even if they aren't  mine.
A make-over for the library

A make-over for Kristin

They even frequently find their way into my art.

A page from my House book

Here is a sample of  the many minis I've collected along the way:

And here are some life-size ones I've been collecting:

These were gathered for a special purpose:
More on these later

A really cool chair, even it she's tattered and torn
 is hard to resist. 
You can be sure there is always a seat -or 10- available
 at my house!

What fun and interesting collections do you have?


From field to freezer

We spent some time in our country garden this morning.

Some of the rich bounty:

Fresh from the sunshine just a few hours earlier,
 now ready for the freezer.

"When you have eaten and you are full, 
then you shall bless the Lord your God 
for the good land which he has given you." 
Deuteronomy 8:10


Be our guest

Many moons ago, someone gave this old desk chair to the library.
It has been shuffled around from one random place to another, 
never having a spot of its own.

Recently, we have been creating cozy little seating niches.
We found a perfect spot for this chair, but it seemed to disappear into 
the oak shelves it sat against.

Since it's finish wasn't in that good a condition,
I decided to give it a white wash.

A little pillow makes it cozy.


More scrapping

If you do much browsing of the craft blogs,
you have probably seen these clothespins.

Just a little scrap of paper
and a little swipe of Mod Podge.....

...turns the lowly clothespin into a cutie-patootie.

Quick and simple projects are all I've been able
to complete these days.

I've got a few things started and some ideas
yet to take shape.  I'll be sharing those soon.


In which I'm not talking baseball

Little scraps
of scrapbook paper
to make a
mini bunting.

So colorful......

 So happy.....

So festive.......

I think it looks nice reflected in a mirror.

Where would you hang a mini bunting?


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