Merry Christmas

The Promise of Christmas is eternal life.

Have you accepted His gift?

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!


All in a row

Have you seen this site:

For the obsessive-compulsive among you, it will be
quite pleasing.

Some of you may find it disturbing.

The photographer in me found it very appealing.

I had to give it a try.

How do you feel about it?


Happy Thanksgiving

  In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


My feet are on the ground.....

...back in Northeast Texas...

.......but for the next day or so,
my mind, and a little bit of my heart
will still be in Nicaragua.....

...but it's always good to be home......


Windows with a view!

View from my window

View from my window, Part 2

What a view!

We are enjoying the beauty and culture that is Nicaragua!


Fall fun

More from the Antique Fair

The sparkle and shimmer of these perfume bottles caught my eye.

I wonder what delightful scents these once may have held.

I wonder who may have had these gracing her dressing table.

I wonder for what occasions she would dab a sweet scent on her wrists.

My one and only purchase: this charming little cuff bracelet



Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day!

Bobby and I got out to enjoy it at a nearby antique fair.
We used to do this sort of thing more often, but then we ran out of room for new (old) pieces we spared ourselves the temptation.  

While strolling through the aisles, I asked a few vendors if I could photograph some of their pretty vignettes.
They were always gracious and said "Sure!"

Tiny oil lamp - only 4 inches tall


In the swing

I am a pendulum.
The last post contained photos practically SOOC.
Swinging back the other way, the following shots
are processed a bit over the top.
As a rule, I'm not a fan of over-processing.
But these are just for fun, to see how far I would go.

I think I can take it up a notch.
What do you think?


Random Fall

Beware: This post is photographically loaded.

These are barely edited shots that I took on a walk around the porch and yard this gorgeous autumn afternoon.
Just some things that caught my eye, things you might or might not notice should you make the same walk.
Snippets that are so very familiar to me, captured by my lens.  
Snippets captured by my lens that will be new images to many of you.

It was a perfect afternoon that we enjoyed spending outside.


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