Me, trendy?

If you do much gawking or pinning these days you have bound to have seen the new trend in nails: Nail Art.
Some of it is just too far out there, some of it is just too much for me but attractive on those younger and hipper than me. But I love the artistry of them and all the designs fascinate me! Of course, I had to dip my toe in the pool, or in this case, my finger in the polish.  I came up with a design of my own that I think is just right for me.

My supplies: a combination of nail polish and  acrylic paint

I used a fine brush to apply a diagonal stripe of silver acrylic paint to nails prepped with two coats of polish and completely dry.  Once the acrylic was dry, I applied two coats of clear polish to seal the paint.

I think it looks trendy and fun without being to much.
I can imagine experimenting with some other colors and designs.
There's no telling how brave I will get!  (Yeah, right)

*This is a short post, but all the links should have kept you busy for a while ;)


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