Just some mindless doodling.

I am so afraid of anything that comes off the end of my pencils.

But I just let go and messed around with them.

Now I'm posting them up here, because I'm 

sure the world wants to know.

Gotta go, some sarcasm just dripped on my keyboard.


If the shoe (doesn't) fit......

Why, yes.  It is a shoe.  An old black one from the thrift store.

Why, yes.  I did alter it.

Well, no, it was not my original idea.  I saw it online.

I may, or may not, do the other one.

But I had to try it at least once.

What do you think?


From drab to fab

We enjoyed the weekend with Kristin and Matt at their home in Arkansas.
We had planned on some painting projects and the weather
cooperated beautifully!  

We took a sweet little table that had seen a few college years tossed to and fro from this:

to this:


to FAB!

Then there was the matter of these chairs, which were the color of dirty dijon:

But no more!

Ta-da!  A cozy eating nook:

Added bonus: they have gorgeous hydrangeas in their yard!


We're all family here

Amy and I got together at my house for some crafting this weekend.
Some of it involved a glue gun--a very hot one.  'Nuff said.
Our project also involved my sewing machine.  
As Amy sits down at it and gives it a once-over,comparing the
 similarities and difference of our machines,
  she ponders out loud:
"I think our machines might be cousins."

To which I reply:
"No, they're Brothers!"

(hee hee)

In other news.....
Due to copious amounts of these ice-rocks
 falling from the sky at 100 mph............

.............I am now driving something different.
I only mention this because it was pointed out to me
that my online persona and my vehicle
have something in common.

Ahh, serendipity.
I had no idea.  Pretty cool, huh?


Moving on

The time, the time.....what happens to the time!?
For one thing, it is moving incredibly fast.
For another, I am not a good manager of it.

But I did manage to crank out another little diggie.
It helps calm the creative jitters.  ;)


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