Mixed Media Monday - "Playing Cards"

My contribution this week is a double page piece in an altered book. This queen looked so sad I felt like her heart had been broken. Although the palace neither confirms or denies, the Jack of Hearts would be my guess of the heart breaker.
More playing card art here: Mixed Media Monday


Be my guest

No, I haven't taken up a new medium. These beauties are the work of a friend. I had no idea she was so talented with pencil and watercolor! When I saw these I insisted she be my Guest Artist! Thanks Danielle for sharing!


Saturday Fun

Working in my altered books is fun anytime, but working with someone is twice the fun! My daughter and I got together today around my craft table and altered to our heart's content! Go here to see hers. Here's mine:

This page began with the stack of suitcases. I asked Amy to chose three random colors that I used to the background. The rest of the page was built around these elements. I never know what the results will be, but I so enjoy the process!


4 x 4 Friday - "Florals"

My first 4x4 in a while! Today's theme is 'florals'--a fun one for me because I love flowers. Lately I have been experimenting with backgrounds using 4x4 cards. This particular one seemed made to go with the picture, even tho I only found the picture a couple of days ago.
Have a great weekend!


Page of Dreams

I felt the need for a nice peaceful page tonight. I also felt the need for simplicity. This is done with just a glue stick and magazine clips, a little scissoring and a lot of tearing. Basic, simple and very relaxing, just like the scenes on the page. Wouldn't it be nice to close your eyes and be transported to any one of them? Dream on..........



I discovered a new thing.

Spray paint art.

I think I like it!

My first attempt

Second attempt

Third attempt

Made a lot of mistakes, but

I learned some things.

I want to do more.

I want more paint!


Red Chair

An insight into my method, or how this page came to be:

Opening the book to a new page, I began searching the text for anything that might jump out at me as inspiration. Immediately 'red' and 'chair' caught my eye, because just a few days ago I had clipped a nifty red chair. (I heart chairs) Continuing on down the page, I collected a few more words to tell a story. Next I painted the page, working around the text I wanted to save, then added some background texture. I knew I wanted to use the transfer of the woman propped on her books. The other elements gave me fits until I finally found the right combination and configuration. Some flourishes and a little pen and pencil work finished it up.

What story does this page tell to you?


Hats, Handbags, & Heels Finale


I didn't get too fancy with my assembly.
I'm hoping you will impress me!

Can you tell I enjoyed playing with them?

Enlarge and find the set you received.

They were all fantastic--no "wrong" combinations--but oh...the decisions, girls!!

When you get your completed banner posted,

leave a comment and we will all come see!!


One more peek.....

Why is this woman stepping in the middle of my dining room table?
Taking pictures of all the pennants of course!
Here is another little peek to tide you over:

It will be hard letting them go--they are all so beautiful!

But they are all packaged and ready to go in the mail tomorrow.


Secrets are for sharing

Stepping outside my box today, using a color I rarely, if ever, use--yellow. I started with a chalked background, added two tones of yellow punchinella stencil and some flower stamps. I chose the smug little lady in yellow for the focal point and started adding elements , mostly magazine clips, from there. The rose is a gel medium transfer. The measuring tape is a bit of metal measuring tape that snapped into pieces.


Just a peek.....

....of the yumminess that's coming your way!!

Bits 'o Pennants

from the Hats, Handbags, & Heels Pennant Swap

I am waiting for the last set of pennants to arrive.

Your new pennants should be on their way to you

early next week!!

Then we can all post our completed creations!


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