Color fun

Just doing a some blog-cruising tonight and ran across this little quiz. Admittedly, they are sometimes a little corny, but in light of the past couple of posts, this one seemed appropriate. Feel free to play along.

You Are a Purple Crayon

Your world is colored in dreamy, divine, and classy colors.
You hold yourself to a sky high standard, and you are always graceful.
People envy, idolize, and copy you without realizing it. You are an icon for those who know you.
And while it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it's paying off!

Your color wheel opposite is yellow. While yellow people may be wise, they lack the manners and class needed to impress you.


Going in Circles, part 2

How many circles do you see? This page is done with chalks and stamps. The spoon, a cold transfer, was added as an afterthought, making the circles suddenly look like bowls. Do you think?

Purple Love

The glue is literally still wet on this layout. My hands were restless and my mind needed occupying; this is the result. Creating something pretty really is good for what ails you. There may be a whole book full by tonight.


"Practical" - Photo Hunters

This is my Chihuahua, Pepper, and she is one practical pup! Without her nifty little wardrobe of sweaters she would freeze to death! It is going to be quite a cool weekend and she is ready.

For more practical photos click here.


In Which Life Imitates Art - In Which a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

All of my masses of... dozens of... four readers are used to finding my latest altered book creations here at Simple Journeys. Maybe a collage. Maybe a how-to.

You know, how I take scraps, bits & pieces, what-have-you, and turn it into "art".

Well, Dear Reader, it seems that Miss Simple Journey cooks the way she collages.

Or rather, perhaps, the way she cooks is why she collages.

Behold, the latest "altered" project. A supreme example of how-not-to.



Those altered book skills come in real handy when you are a klutz in the kitchen.

My apologies to the birthday girl.

There is one consolation. The pumpkin raisin cake, Amy's Autumn Ambrosia, apparently tasted better than it looked because it is gone. All that remains are some lingering crumbs in the silverware drawer.


Altered Visit

My youngest daughter was in from college today. She suggested we work in our books while we visited. Excellent idea. As we got caught up on what's been going on in our respective worlds, our hands were busy creating these:


"And a good time was had by all"


"Curvy" - Photo Hunters

This is the bentwood rocker that rocked my 2 daughters and my 2 grandsons. So far. If rocking chairs could log miles, this one has travelled thousands. It has endured a lot of spit-up and many late nights. It has been repaired and reenforced at least three times. It is old and gnarled. But it is very precioius to me.
For more Photo Hunter fun click here.


Going in Circles!

Always on the lookout for ideas, inspiration, you know, ideas--I was browsing through scrapbook layouts. There were circles, lots of circles.

The natural leap here is: I can do circles! So I did. And here they are!
I can see all sorts of new possibilities for using these in an altered book design.

Maybe in combo with tags.
You can see where I'm going here.........in circles!!


Tag! You're it!

Tags are a fun, quick way to use a few materials (tidbits and scraps, even) to whip out a little accent piece to be used now or later. They can be designed around a specific theme to help tell the story. Or, they can be stockpiled to later be incorporated into larger spread as an accent to tie it all together and add detail.
Tags are versatile little punches of color, texture, and detail. They are fun to work on when I have no particular direction in mind. Just quick little ditties when my fingers want to cut and paste, but my mind wants to wander. I have a box of them that I enjoy browsing through. They can even be the inspiration themselves!


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