The Sisters

Sisters are forever.
I did a blue page, which is rare for me.
I don't dislike blue, so I don't know why I don't use it more often.


Goodie Box - Part 2

As promised, the rest (and the best) of the contents of the goodie box from Kim at Art & imagesbykim--and that is all of this lovely art by Kim!!





If you want some of the art or art supplies, you can visit Kim's E-store or her Esty shop.

Thanks again, Kim for all the delighful, delicious goodies!


The Goodie Box from Kim Arrived!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a goodie box from Kim at Art & imagesbykim. It finally made the long voyage from Canada to Texas. And let me tell you, when Kim said she was packing it full, you better believe she knew how to pack it in!

You just can't imagine all the treasures waiting inside.
As I pulled back the tissue, I found layers and layers of packets, velvet bags, organza bags, and tissue bundles....all filled with delightful things........

There was a packet of charms....

A bundle of lace......

A stash of orange.......

A treasure trove of wonderfulness.....

(Click to enlarge)
And delicious ephemera....

(Click to enlarge)

There were so many bundles to open and beauties to behold, it took 40 minutes to go through it all!

And I haven't even told you about Kim's incredible art pieces included in the Box O' Goodness! That will be another post. Until then, take a look at her blog and drool knowing that I am the proud owner of several of her beauties!

Thanks, Kim! I love it all!!

Mixed Media Monday - "Generations"

Generations of Love

The theme Fatma chose for Mixed Media Monday was "Generations". There were so many wonderful options for this one! I finally decided on couples. What a great theme.

I used a dusy pink acrylic paint for the first layer of background, then added single layers of a paper napkin, torn into pieces. The round silver and vellum tags are symbolic to wedding bands. The purple silk petals have their own romantic story.

A couple of years ago we were RVing at a favorite site. Just up the hill was a sweet little outdoor ampitheater/church. One morning we were out walking and wandered through the area. All down the aisle, about the stone pews, and on the altar were dozens of these purple petals, quite obviously strewn by a flower girl in recent days. We began to look closer for other clues and found bits of ribbons and balloons and evidence of tulle having been taped to the stone backdrop. It was so much fun imagining the wedding that had taken place in the lovely outdoor spot. I gathered a handful of the petals and tucked them into my art box. They seemed the perfect embellishment for today's piece.


So Salsa!

Yes, I have found another fun challenge site.....this one is called So Salsa (Stamp Or Scrap A Label Sunday Afternoon). After following along for a week or two, I decided to join in. Today's instruction was to use buttons on the labels. So that is what I did! Great fun!


Sitting Pretty

First, thanks Anne & Sam for including my fairy tag in the sampler. I was flattered! You really know how to make a girl feel welcome! :)

This weeks Weekend Taggers' challenge was to make an untraditional shaped tag. Since I have a fondness for the pennant shape that is what I chose. Now I'm going to go play Tag, You're It and see what everybody else has done.

If you like pennants, stay tuned.....another pennant swap is in the making. It would be great to have you join us!!


Happy Thoughts

Does this ever happen to you:

Begin working on the background......going according to 'plan'......add an element, color, stamp.....oops, not so good.......regroup, scrap the 'plan' and just go with it.

That's what happened with this layout. But if I don't tell you, you would never know what the 'oops' was. And I'm not telling! ;)

And the amazing thing is, whenever this happens, the piece turns out just a good or better than I had imagined. There is no wrong when it comes to altering.

Whatsoever things are true
Whatsoever things are noble,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report,
If there is any virture
And if there is anything praiseworthy,
Meditate on these things.
Phillipians 4:8


Mixed Media Monday - "Rust"

This is my interpretation of "Rust", today's theme at Mixed Media Monday. I named this completed altered book Rust & Roses because it was such a mix of grunge and romance. I don't usually stay with one style or theme throughout an entire book--it's too constricting to be that consistent. I enjoy creating as my mood elicits.


Tag You're It! - Fairies

This is my first time to play along on Tag You're It! I may have encounted this challenge once before, but today when I saw it on Artiphy the Heart, and then again at Vintage Snaps & Scraps it really spoke to me. Thanks for stopping by to see my tag.


Conquering Art

While browsing some of my favorite art blogs, it became urgent that I create a page. Looking is not Doing!

This page was inspired by the prompt I saw here: "Do what you are afraid to do." I am afraid of 'messing up'. I sometimes place elements too carefully so as not to cover another element. I want to create with more abandon and freedom. For some reason for me that translates into fast, which is not altogether the method I am looking for. But it's a start. My vision is that collage and altered art is more expression, less precision.

For this layout, I began by covering the pages in paper scraps. Next came a couple of acrylic washes. More gluing. Stamping. Chalking. Stenciling. And finally fibers, ribbons and such. I intentionally avoided flourishes and buttons. Another fear to conquer--journaling. Since this piece has no focal point, I explained why in the journaling, thus making it the focal point. This page, as noted, was a very satisfying experience.


4 x 4 Friday - "Fish"

We were challenged at 4x4 Friday to create with fish this week. Well, not with fish, exactly....rather using fish. Not using actual scaly, stinky fish, but..... how did I get into this??


The real challenge--I don't have a lot of fish in my repertoire. Maybe that's why it's called a challenge! Here is what I came up with:

The starfish is lighter and pinker--just couldn't get the light right.

Have a great weekend!


We have a winner!

The winner of my Blogoversary giveaway is..........

And this is what you've won:
(plus a surprise or two) ;)

Thanks for celebrating with me!

And the coolest part is, on the very day I announce the winner here, I find out that I'm a winner here!
Don't you just love blogging??


Mixed Media Monday - "Monochromatic"

I got the idea for these cute little patchwork arches a while back from Jacqueline's old blog. This weekend I got carried away making thematic ones. They can be quite addictive! Since I was on a roll, I did this RED one for Mixed Media Monday.

I am also celebrating my one year 'blogoversary' , that may or may not have something to do with these arches. (**hint, hint**)



Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog!!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, there will be a fireworks extravaganza just down the street from my house tonight! How cool is that??!! (Oh, wait....they do that every year about this time.....moving on......)

Since we will be RVing this weekend, I will use the great outdoors for inspiration and create a piece in honor of my blogoversary and give it away to a commenter on this post. (....because I didn't plan ahead and have something already prepared....moving on....) Seems like a celebratory thing to do! I won't have the drawing until Monday morning, at which time I will post the piece along with the winner's name. Two surprises in one!! Surprise who wins, surprise what you win! The excitement is already building!

Over the past year, I have 'met' some great people in the blogosphere. (Thanks to all 5 of you that stop by.) I have participated in many fantastic challenges that have helped me grow as an 'artist'. (Although I can't seriously refer to myself as an artist.) I even hosted a couple of challenges and a swap. Because of this blogging experience, I have created much more that I would have. This first year has been a fun-filled art-filled one and I eagerly look forward to more good times and many great challenges in the year ahead. And who knows, I might even get crazy and host another swap!

I leave you with two books completed during that past year.


As time goes by

I apologize right now for getting that song stuck in your head--because it will. To help fill in the blanks: click here. Just in case the mere mention of the title wasn't enough.

This is a page from a few weeks ago that hadn't made it to the blog yet. I like to keep a couple in reserve for lean times. ;) Be looking for it's return a little later on--it played a part in another project I finished over the weekend, but can't reveal just yet.

In case you are wondering, the new ABC (altered book central) and I are not getting along so well. It seems I can't find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. The last two pages I've attempted have turned into backgrounds with some lame scraps from the work table just stuck in. I've got to get my groove back!


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