Backgrounds that became foregrounds

These backgrounds were all incredibly fun to make.
Sometimes a background takes on a life of its own 
and doesn't want to be relegated to the back.
That was the case with these.  So far they
have remained stand alone pages with nothing else added.


Who makes yellow hearts??

Well, it seems I did.

I don't know why, really.  I had a background and it seemed to
call for yellow.  Never mind that I also had a heart stencil in my hand.

While I was stenciling and trying to cover up the background,
 I made a discovery that I already knew. 
 Yellow is a very translucent color.  As I continued
to add more hearts to the page, I told myself: 
These yellow hearts will always be translucent.

That phrase ended up on the page.

Because it's true.  

But as I painted and pondered, a deeper interpretation
of that phrase began to form.

You see:


So if A and B are true, then we can reason
that happy hearts always let the light in.

Or could it be the inverse:  Hearts that let The Light in
will be happy hearts.  

I think so. 

John 8:12
"Jesus said...'I am the Light of the World.'"

So much truth on one journal page. 


Craft paints
homemade stamp
archival ink
black NeoColor II
silver gel pen
embossing powder


"Celebrate the Freedom to Play"

This month at A Colorful Journey's February Let's Play Link Party,
we are challenged to give some love to our neglected art supplies, things that 
have found the bottom of the drawer or worked their way to the back of the shelf.

I rummaged around and found my chalk pastels, an older, less used 
text stamp, and an old heart stencil.  Using them and some new favorites
I created the fun Valentine themed page.

I had fun mixing water with the chalks, watching them get all "watercolorey"
I had forgotten about all the pretty colors in my chalk box. We do tend to get in the 
habit of using certain things and forget about others. I just may leave these chalks out
on my table for a while and see where else they might turn up.

Supply list:

Chalk pastels
Stabilo-all pencil
Script rubberstamp
Acrylic paints
Heart stencil
Spackling paste
Sharpie marker

Let's Play!


"Eventually Everything Connects"

First thing, I want to thank all of you that have been leaving such kind and encourage comments on this blog.  I haven't replied to them because I don't know if you would come back to find it, but I want you to know how much I appreciate them!

I really had a lot of fun with page.  I think I threw in everything but the kitchen sink.
It just kept growing and morphing. That's how it earned its title:
"Eventually Everything Connects"

For a while there, I was beginning to wonder!

Supplies I used on this page,
(Including homemade gesso and a homemade stencil)
Mod Podge
Spackling Paste
Homemade gesso
While craft paint
Chalk markers
ColorBox Chalk stamp pad
Alex creamy crayons
Alex artists acrylic
NeoColors II
Permanent black marker
Stabilo All pencil
glue stick
water brush
palette knife
Crafters Workshop stencils: Tiny Tiles and Harlequin
Homemade circle stencil

If you would like to see the stages along the way and watch the transformation:


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