{Love} with Texture Tuesday

This week's theme at Kim's Texture Tuesday is "Love", a wide open topic with room for lots of interpretations.  I went with a non-romantic angle, yet stayed with an emotional aspect.

Increased saturation of background layer.
Layer 1: Photo filter adjustment layer (sepia) at 100% opacity
Layer 2: Kim's Canvas Magic texture, linear dodge at 88% opacity
Layer 3: Kim's Crackerjack texture, overlay mode at 83% opacity

We are required to use at least one of Kim's textures, but really?....who can stop with just one?




Textures to share

I enjoy using Kim's textures, so I thought I would participate.

The textures I used were both new this week:
desaturated, blending mode-soft light, 100% opacity
blending mode-multiply, 45% opacity

Photo before layering the textures


Art, but not mine

Well, technically it IS mine, since it was sent to me.
But I can't claim it as my own work is what I'm getting at.

There's glitter!!

I received this foxy lady in the mail today

She sent it to me to celebrate a little
annual occassion that happens tomorrow.

I love getting pretty things in the mail.


Some randomness

The picture of innocence.
Don't let it fool you.

I'm just sayin'

And be especially wary of this one:
 Need I say more?
His middle name is spelled: T-R-U-H-B-L-E

 A little arts and crafts:

Card stock, scalloped scissors, rubber stamps, ink and chalk.

Thank you notes for baby gifts.

Still waiting for Miss B.


As promised, here is another project we did for Miss B's room.

Naturally, it features butterflies prominently,
 but with some other touches as well.
We wanted a shabby chic feel
 and this old window frame fit the bill perfectly.

 I added some pretty paper dresses on a clothesline, which is
a secondary theme, as you will see here.

This feminine, shabby chic vignette hangs over the 
changing table that got a redo here.

Just a couple more projects to wrap up!


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