Field trip or scavenger hunt?

Let me take you on a tour. More of a rabbit trail actually.
 A convoluted spirally hopscotch path (are you dizzy yet?) that began
with a DIY blog and landed me on an atoll.

 A 'what' you ask?  

Stick around and I'll tell you.

 I love the Internet! 

Would you like to know how I got there?  

Some time back I drifted away from so many of the altered art blogs I followed for so long.  I still stop by them now and then, but my attention has shifted more to home decor DIY projects, furniture makeovers, thrifting, trash-to-treasure whatnot.  I am also into photography blogs and websites.  

Lately, I have spent a lot of time "marrying" the two (pun intended) in search of wedding ideas, in light of the fact that we have one coming off in our household in just two months.  

Ok, so back to the rabbit trail.  See? I'm winding around already and we haven't even started!

A common theme crossed my screen today: once on a wedding photo site, and again on a favorite DIY site.

Retro campers!


We are RVer's and I've long been interested in cozy spaces.
Now anyone that knows me knows my natural instinct is always: "I want to know more."  
So I went in search via Google, to see what other nifty camper conversions I could find.

The first picture that grabbed my attention was not a retro revamped camper, but this little number:

at this site, which of course led me to the original site, and  before I knew it, this little number:

 had whistled and called me off down another path.

After I perused this entire blog, I started the back-track to
return to the original search.
What was that, now? Oh, yes.  Retro campers.

As I was tiptoeing out the way I came in, this beauty caught my eye.  
(Have I mentioned I just adore the idea of a houseboat?)

You might can predict my next thought at this point: "I want to know more!"  Yep, you guessed it.

The charming picture above too me to this blog post.

Enthralled at the beauty, I asked myself:  "Maldive Islands?  Where?  What?"

Go ahead, I know you want to say it with me: "I want to know more!"

My quest for more information lead me to Wikipedia, always a good source for matters such as this.

File:Malosmadulu Atolls, Maldives.jpg

Right out of the gate, they threw me a word that I did not know:  atoll.

Unknown terms are just not acceptable when on a circumventive quest.  (I won't even say it this time, because I know you are already thinking it)


I had no idea of such a thing!  Isn't it beautiful?

And that, dear reader, concludes our tour.  You are responsible for getting back home by yourself.  If you find anything interesting along the way, let me know.  I always enjoy a little detour.

ps.   You would (or perhaps would not) be amazed at the number of tabs
I have open in my browser at the moment in reconstructing this journey.

pss. There may/may not be a pop quiz, and/or a prize to anyone that actually goes to all these links!

psss.  The expressed opinions and informational content displayed on links contained in this post 
do not necessarily reflect a position or policy of Simple Journeys or its affiliates.  
Tax and title not included. Void where prohibited by law.
Just sayin'


Do you want to guess what is going on at our house?

Our youngest daughter is getting married this fall!

Yes, we are all a-flutter with the planning, the swatches,
flowers and candles, and all that fun stuff!

We tend to be low-key do-it-yourself type people.
So far we are enjoying the journey....

....just as long as we have a check list!!


Denise who??

My girls got the brilliant idea we should all be exercising more.

Oh, really?

I live in a two-story house, isn't that enough?

A lean sculpted body sounds good in theory.

But, seriously?

It hurts.  And there is sweat.

Besides, it can be hazardous to your health.



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