Found Poetry

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I've been in a bit of a slump lately, but happily, the downer streak seems to be coming to an end.

I joined a swap in my online ATC group. The theme of this swap was Found Poetry, where we are to take one page from a book, and cutting out appealing words, create random little poems.

Without previewing it, I plucked a page from a book I plan to alter and began snipping words and phrases that caught my attention.

When I begin to assemble them into poetic thoughts, I saw an age-old story, yet a familiar story: my story.

Maybe you see your story too.


Saturday's art






There is a key in here somewhere

If you think it has been a long time since I posted, you are right. One month today, to be exact.

If you want to know the reason why, I can't tell you, other than I have been UN-productive.

If you think this piece looks like paper and paint thrown at the board, you are right again. This was an exercise in just getting my hands dirty.

That, and changing the post that has been scraping your eyeballs for the last 4 weeks!

You're welcome. I'll try and do better.


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