Birdie, birdie

Feeling a little digital today.
Also feeling the purple, so the background was chosen first.
Picked a totally random paper to accent the bottom strip.
All this activity conjured up the need for a focal point--
that's when the bird came in.

After adding the details, the digital tearing and layering began.

This is not the first time this little bird has found his way onto my digital palette.
There must be something about him I like.
When looking for another diggie to post, because I like posting in pairs,
I found this same birdie on a piece I did some while back.

Same bird, two totally different looks.

I like that in a graphic, clothes, and even jewelry.

Versatility is my middle name.


Making Hay......um.....Corn.....

We took a little trek to our property in the country 
the other morning before it got too hot.
We have a garden out there this year for the first time.

The blackberries look promising.

The crew inspecting critters and vermin at the pond.

A baby grasshopper at pond's edge.

If you look carefully in the dirt, 
you will see two sets of footprints scurrying through the corn.

The suspects:

And if by now you are asking yourself what I was doing?

Sitting in the shade, of course!
With this little lump of sugar!


deja vu

I have a confession to make.
In doing so, I may ruin it for you too.
But I have to get it out there.
My apologies in advance.

A few days ago, I saw the nifty burlap/tulle flower thingies and made some for my candles.
They were fun to make. I was pleased with the outcome.

Here's the problem:  Every time I see them, they conjure up an image of something else.
Something long forgotten--or so I thought. 
Some tacky jewelry that I may or may not have once worn.
That I may or may not still own.....
So to try and purge it from my mind, I decided to confront it
I dug way down in my jewelry dungeon......

........and found them.......

Tell me, do you see the resemblance?

So what am I supposed to do now, for pete's sake??


Fun lovin' gals

I tried to create this digital piece to look like a scrapbook page
one of the gals had kept with some old faded souvenirs 
from fun days at the beach and some letters keeping in touch with each other.

They got together again at the beach for old time's sake
and snapped another photo to clip into the scrapbook.
Don't you know they had a good time reminiscing?

(I remind myself of Cindy coming up with a story! )

Do you see all the tape, pins, and clips?
I think it turned out pretty dimensional.


Sisters 4.0

Playing in Photoshop is so much fun.

So are 'before & after' pictures.

I've combined the two for your viewing entertainment.

Look slowly so it will last longer!

The original:

I started playing with textures and layers until frankly, I got tired of the sisters.
Sorry, gals!

Version 1:

Version 2:

You don't really need me to number them for you.
I just don't have any creative titles or captions.

Last one:

If this post ended too soon, start over until you get tired of the sisters too!

You can pick a favorite and tell me in the comments if you want to.


Decorating the candles

I happen to think these are the best smelling candles in the world
--or in my world at least.
They are Bella Candella candles from Hobby Lobby.
The scent is called White Musk and it is
Out. Of. This. World.

I have them placed in strategic locations around the house.

When I saw these cute little burlap and tulle flowers
I made some immediately to bedeck the candles in the den.

My fingertips still carry the delicious fragrance of the candles
 after attaching their fancy new decor.

Idea credit: Show & Tell


Making Gifts

You may or may not remember the diaper cake 
we concocted a few months ago.
It seems if you can make a cake with diapers, 
you can make a cake with  kitchen towels.  Who knew??

I made this one for my Mom to celebrate Mother's Day 
and the remodeling of her kitchen.

Then to sweeten the deal, 
I also made this nifty bouquet for her 
because I thought it would look good on her coffee table
 with her glass/shell/white vignette.  
And it does!

I found the Tea Towel Cake here
I found the Rose Bouquet here


What really matters

No matter if you are rich or poor.....
No matter where you live......
No matter what you live in......

When it's all said and done.....
......when push comes to shove.....

What matters most.....
.....is the love of family.


My Fair Roxy

"I'm a good girl, I am"

Roxy is a Schipperke, a fine breed, I must say.

Loves to go, but hates to travel:

She must get that from me.


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