Inner Sight

My media of choice is obviously collage. I enjoy it for many reasons: the paper, the cutting, the layering, the manipulating of images I find pleasing into a whole piece.

That being said, I am also a doodler, but I've never applied that trait into my art so much. Why? I don't know.

Sometimes when I close my eyes at night, especially if I have just come from my art table not long since, I see designs on the blank screens of my eyelids. The card above is one such image that I purposely detailed, committed to memory and recreated on paper the next day.

I think I shall call it "Inner Sight".


Wishful thinking

We are baking here in Texas. 100+ degrees every day. These blues look cool and refreshing in contrast to the melting sun and dry heat.

This card has some embossing on the background. The faux pearl drops are accented with a little glitter.

The next card is very textured and dimensional. After gluing the cord, dots and other stuff to the card, I gessoed the whole thing a couple of times. Next I painted it with white acrylic, applied crackle medium, and then blue acrylic. The crackle didn't behave like I wanted it to, so while the blue paint was still wet, I wiped it off. This is the result:
This was an experiment that came to me as I was listening to Mozart. The CD cover notes: "Music for Creativity and Imagination" I guess it works--I cranked out 9 ATCs this afternoon.


Round Robin: The Slide Show

This little book left my possession on January 2, 2009, with a cover, sign-in page and my page created for my chosen theme: Carry Me Back (to a place or time of your choosing)

This little book returned to me on June 1, 2009 filled with art from five fabulous friends.

Thanks so much girls for the beautiful work. I will treasure it always.

Enjoy this slideshow and let it carry you back to all the wonderful times and places that fill my book!

(By clicking on the slides you will be taken to a larger version: from there you can choose full screen)

The Curtain Call:



Living on a caffeine high

A friend and I share the same fondness for a
fresh pot of Maxwell House.
For her birthday this week, along with some specialty flavored blends,
I made these cards for her.
We had some laughs and then we had some coffee!

Happy Birthday, Danielle!


ATC fun

Wendall, you rascal!

Collage, gesso, stamping, and see what happens.

Missy asks the age-old question:

I asked my daughter for some ATC ideas.

She said make one with a Victorian boot:

And make one using purple:
Wasn't that fun?


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