O Paper, Paper! wherefore art thou Paper?

There is a certain advantage to digital art:
No paper
No glue
No glitter
No scraps
No tools
No mess

Of course, there are also disadvantages:
No paper
No glue
No glitter
No scraps
No tools
No mess

Until I get my workspace cleared of the aforementioned paper, glue, scraps, and tools, there will likely be more digital art than not.

Because my workspace.....explosion......

But my virtual workspace is cleared with a touch of a button!

But I can't resist the call of the paper for too long.

Happy Arting!


Merry Christmas

The Baby changed everything.


More Christmas Merriment!

We enjoyed having guests in our home tonight--we hosted our Sunday School party.
Good friends, good food, good times.

Afterward, while chatting online with my daughters about
Christmas plans, I did a little art on the side.

This is one I did earlier in the week.
 I love the sparkley ornament background.

Is it just me, or do you detect a tree theme
going on with the last few posts?
Could it be that art is imitating life?
Because I have 4 Christmas trees in my house. And 2 at work.

I do love the trees!


We don't get a lot of snow in these parts.
As long as I'm going to be dreaming of a White Christmas,
why not just go for it--make mine PINK!

I'll show you my own version of
a pink tree just as soon as I get a picture uploaded.
At the moment, that would require me
getting up.  But the recliner is comfy and
the kitty is cozy, know what I mean?


Christmas Nostalgia

Few things cause me to be more nostalgic than Christmas.  My childhood memories of Christmas are
vivid, sweet, and special.
 During those splendid years circa 1968, I loved, loved, loved our aluminium tree, which was always adorned with red ornaments.

The magic really happened when this little device
 was turned on, slowly illuminating the sparkling silver tree with
shades of red, green, blue, and yellow.  

It was especially cool to lay on the floor underneath
the tree and look up
through all the glistening branches as they were awash with the mechanical rainbow.
Many ornaments and trinkets have come and gone,
but here are some that I fondly remember:

Seems like these little chenille pipe-cleaner-esque
santas decorated wrapped presents.

This jolly ornament had a soft cottony beard.

There was an elf or two just like this one in our Christmas box
that my brother and I played with year after year.

The beauty of these things are their simplicity and the happy memories they evoke.

Aren't memories just a mental collage?

Do you have pleasant memories of simpler times?


A little digital ditty.

Oh, the delicious torment of Christmas secrets!


Mother, Daughter: Friends

Metallic copper acrylic background.
Sharpie edge detail.
Star punch.
Flower punch.
Circle stamp.
Paint mister.
Flat pearls.
Gold cord.
Torn paper.
Torn text.

I think that about covers it!


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