Little girls

You didn't think I'd forgotten all about the digitals, did you?
Oh, no.  They are way too much fun.
But I have been spending more time 
at the tabletop instead of the laptop.

As for some new digitals--
I had fun making these little girls a few days ago.

The older girl in this picture reminds me of myself way back when.
But instead of the little sister, I had a little brother.
Not a bad deal, tho--most of the time.  ;)



Moving along in the 4 part challenge.....

I saw this idea on a blog (surprise, surprise) a long time ago
and put it in my to-do file.  

This challenge was a good time for me to get into my files
and pull out something I had been wanting to do for a while.

How to:
Find images you like.
Print images on dictionary pages.


Little bits

There is a certain satisfaction in using odds and ends as a 'canvas'. 
 There two little bits were done on 5x5x1 blocks of styrofoam.  
Using Mod Podge, I wrapped each piece of packing material with scrapbook paper.
Then I just embellished as I would any other piece,
 be it wood, cardboard, book, or even......canvas!

They make interesting pieces because they are sturdy but light.
I think they will look cute tucked into a shelf or cranny.

*These are Part 2 of last week's 4-Project Challenge.



While the lack of blogging may indicate otherwise, I have been busy.

I got myself involved in a little challenge last week that required me to produce four (4), yes FOUR (cuatro) non-digital art pieces.

I did it!  I met the challenge!

Here is Numero uno:

My pattern was a "C" in Times New Roman font, printed in outline, then enlarged on a copier to a 14"x17" piece of paper.  Using that template, I whipped out 4 cardboard C's with my handy dandy X-acto.
All 4 pieces were glued together, wrapped in bits of music, thoroughly sealed with Mod Podge, and antiqued along the edges.

Appropriately enough, I hung in over my piano.

I should have waited to take the picture in natural light, 
but I'm not always very patient.
So, as an added bonus, you can squint as you twist your head and make out the shadow of the chandelier on the wall.   Just a little hidden treasure for you amusement.  Totally planned it.  


Something old, something new

If this actually had any paint or glue on it,
it would still be wet!

I just finished it.

This one has been sitting on the shelf for a while.

Dancers all around!


Each day...

Actual paper, paint, and glue.

The only thing digital about this piece 
is the photo.

I have started another book. 
Number 13.

"Each day comes bearing its own gift. Untie the ribbons."


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