The word of the day

This is how it all started.....

a gnarly red crayon, leftover from a VBS craft,
snatched from the clutter and chaos 
that is my art table at the moment.

Close at hand was an opened book, prepared with gesso,
awaiting who knows what.

Crayon, meet gesso. 
 I loved how the chaotic brush strokes popped out in relief.

By now you must be thinking.....
"Chaos.....what is coming?"

And if you know cats, you know chaos!

Don't let that innocent face fool you for one minute.

Look at that word too long and it starts creating
a little chaos with your head!


More Gardening

This is our corn just a few weeks ago on May 28th:

Ka-boom!  This is our corn yesterday!

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye"

If that's the case, then an elephant's eye in our field 
would be about 11 feet up there!

These Blue Lake beans were planted on April 17th:

These beans were picked yesterday.......

.......and they were consumed today!


Progression of a collage

So far, it is only a background.

I found a tutorial that just called my name so I had to give it a try.

I began by gluing scraps to the double page layout and 
brushed on a thin wash of white glue over the entire layout.

Next, a wash of white acrylic paint:

Allow to dry, or if you can't wait like me, use a heat gun.

Add some rubberstamp detail:

Finally, I added texture by painting a wedge of bubble wrap 
with a contrasting color of acrylic.

I have no plans for this layout beyond what you see.
When inspiration strikes you will be the first to know.

credit: tutorial


Wee Little Mini

Have I mentioned before about what happens to my altered books
and other melange from my art table?

A box.

90% of it goes into a box.

Sad, isn't it?

Recently, I assembled some of my favorites to fill a display case at work.

We have a lovely glass enclosed case in which we feature
rotating displays.

There have been a variety of displays throughout the years.
Usually collections.
Nativity sets from around the world, vintage valentines, paperweights,
African artifacts, pottery, Lladro, and many holiday themes.
I could go on and on....

With some trepidation, I decided I was ready to show the world my artwork 
and took the plunge.

I must say, I was pleased with the reception.  

The display brought this art form to the attention of a lot of people.
I received many nice compliments.
I enjoyed answering questions about my art.
Some even expressed interest in trying it themselves and inquired about classes.

In its own little way, I believe I can say my first (and only)
 'art show' was a success.

Time to make some more!


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