Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day!

Bobby and I got out to enjoy it at a nearby antique fair.
We used to do this sort of thing more often, but then we ran out of room for new (old) pieces we spared ourselves the temptation.  

While strolling through the aisles, I asked a few vendors if I could photograph some of their pretty vignettes.
They were always gracious and said "Sure!"

Tiny oil lamp - only 4 inches tall


In the swing

I am a pendulum.
The last post contained photos practically SOOC.
Swinging back the other way, the following shots
are processed a bit over the top.
As a rule, I'm not a fan of over-processing.
But these are just for fun, to see how far I would go.

I think I can take it up a notch.
What do you think?


Random Fall

Beware: This post is photographically loaded.

These are barely edited shots that I took on a walk around the porch and yard this gorgeous autumn afternoon.
Just some things that caught my eye, things you might or might not notice should you make the same walk.
Snippets that are so very familiar to me, captured by my lens.  
Snippets captured by my lens that will be new images to many of you.

It was a perfect afternoon that we enjoyed spending outside.


Blessings of Children

Thirty-two years ago today, I was a blessed woman holding my first beautiful baby daughter in my arms.

Amy Lynne & Mama

 Thirty-two years later, she continues to bless me with my first beautiful granddaughter.

Brooklyn Fayth, Mama, & Mimi

to be continued.........

Happy Birthday, Amy!


Seeing Autumn Reds

We suffered a long, hot, dry summer here in Northeast Texas. I'm talking something like 65 days of over 100 degree temperatures. Let me expound on that:  most days reached as high as 110, some even higher! It was not uncommon to see temperatures in the nineties before nine in the morning and as late as nine o'clock at night.

And no rain. 

Hot, dry, dead.

We will not be enjoying much of a traditional 
orange, red, and golden autumn.

I went out this morning in search of "red" and was delighted to find these morsels, a smattering of color that survived the scorching drought, making these photos even more of a treat for the eyes.

First Red of Fall
Layer 1 Kim's texture: Fall in  multiply @ 70%
Layer 2 Kim's texture:  Just stitched  overlay @ 79%

Red Berries
 Kim's texture: and then some Linear burn @ 80%

Red Berries 2
Kim's texture:  Life is good overlay @ 75%

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays.
Jump over and see what RED things everyone else found to photograph.


Feeling Gratitude

If not for Texture Tuesday, I would not have blogged in the past few weeks.
Thanks to Texture Tuesday, I am having a grand time meeting new bloggers
 and enjoying their lovely photographs.

This week's theme is "Gratitude" and 2 of Kim's textures are required.
Here is my contribution:

Layer 1: Kim's "Word" texture, multiply @ 75%
Layer 2: Kim's "Crackerjack texture, soft light @ 100%

Original image, SOOC



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