Newspaper flowers

When I did this post, I intended to add the link to where I first saw the newspaper flower. I forgot....

Then I thought I would just do a follow-up post when I made the next flower. I didn't

Now that I've made more of them, it seems past time, but better-late-than-never, to include some linkage to this tutorial......

....because I really like making them, and you might want to make some too. And Julie's tutorial is much better than mine would be.

P.S. Phone book pages work well too!


Finding the words

Found poetry: collecting random words from a book page and assembling them into poetic phrases.

These are two ATCs I did for a swap coming up in October.


Never say Never

....but I never thought I would find myself doing digital art......and enjoying it so much!!

These ATCs are all done by clicking, dragging and tweaking in photoshop.

It is great fun. These are my first attempts.
I know I have only scratched the surface as to what can be accomplished digitally.

Never pass up the opportunity to try something new artistically:
You never know what you might be missing!

I didn't over use that word, did I?


Labor of Love

or: How I spent my Labor Day weekend

(Edited 11-18-09, for Blog Party)
Welcome to my blog 
Roadkill Rescue fans!!
I'm so excited to join the party!

It all started Wednesday when I took a slightly different route to work. Something near the curb caught my eye. You may or may not find this hard to believe, but this little treasure was laying in two pieces in a trash heap.

I didn't even recognize what it was for sure, as I had only seen the top portion, so I asked my husband go check on it. He saw the second piece and knew immediately what we had stumbled upon. He inquired, learned it was destined for the dump and asked if he could have it before loading it up.

I spent the greater parts of Saturday, Sunday and Monday working on it.
A mere $60 and three days later, here is my new pride and joy:

circa 1930 Hoosier-style cabinet

It may be a Hoosier, Sellers, Wilson, or McDougall,
but now it's mine and I love it!!


I'm a Winner!

Don't you just love being a winner? I do!
Especially when there are prizes involved.
And especially when the prizes are as wonderful as these.

I was the very lucky winner of Lynn's blogaversary giveaway.

This journal is absolutely gorgeous!
The layers, the texures, the colors.....simply beautiful!

And let's not overlook this delightful potpourri.
As pretty as it is to look at,
it smells even better!

I found Lynn's blog, Her Creative Spirit, last year when it was
still fairly new and have enjoyed being a regular visitor.
You should visit, too.
Maybe you will be a winner for the second blogaversary--
if I don't win again, that is!
Thanks, Lynn!


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