Definition Illustrated

mon·o·chrome   (mŏn'ə-krōm')


    1. painting, drawing, design, or photograph in one color or shades of one color with detail represented by differing hues and tints

Just having a little fun playing with one color at a time.  

Which illustration is your favorite?  
Is it because it is in your favorite color or
because of something about the composition itself?
Tell me more......


Back to our regularly scheduled programing

I think it is prudent that we put all that angst and creepiness
 (see last post, if you dare) behind us.  Shall we?
I know I've gotten it out of my system!

I've spent the last week in front of the TV 
cheering for USA (and sometimes Canada)
but always with my laptop in my lap.
(Isn't that a clever place for it?)

Anyway, while skiing, skating and luging, I have also been creating.

background: Freubel Art



Try, try again

You may or may not remember my feeble attempt
 at creepy creations.

I'm more this kind of gal:

I'm good with that.  It's who I am.

But I am also one for not giving up too easily. 
 A couple of weeks ago I tried again.

I started with drab and made it drabber (more drab?)

Then I grunged it up.

When I had a potentially creepy background, 
I asked Kristin what I could add to it to make it even uglier.
Without a second's hesitation she answered matter-of-factly:

"A naked mole rat"

So now I present to you the best I have to offer
under the classification of
dark, twisted, grungy, creepy:

Prepare to be creeped out


and slightly alarmed.........

.......you've been warned........

I rest my case.

The end.

You are welcome.



With the exception of a very few pieces, 
my art work ends up either displayed on a dresser in my art room or, 
more likely stored in a box or my hard drive.

  I know, sad, isn't it? 
 I'm working on changing that.

For Christmas, I received a marvelous shadowbox frame.
 (Thanks again, Danielle)
Quite out of the blue it hit me to create some art to go in it.

Then I happened along this Blog train and loaded up 
on some wonderful coordinating papers and graphics.

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire weekend
making digital collages to fill the shadowbox.

Now I have a cool collection of my art hanging in my office at work.


Frames 1,3,5,7,& 9 are the shadowboxes.
 In them I have placed such things as flowers, stones, keys, 
a watch face, a perfume bottle, a shell and other little things.
The finished product was difficult to photograph, 
but trust me, it looks awesome!


Valentine cutie

A little cutie at the close of
Valentine's Day.

I think she is just adorable!


Valentine's Day is upon us.

While some subscribe to the notion of
Cupid's arrow and all that tomfoolery.......

......others are more pragmatic and do not:

Here's to roses and chocolates,
no matter what  your style!


Keepsakes? Probably not.

In answer to Linda's question, (in comments of last post)
 this is the kind of nonsense I make using my grandsons.

Keepsakes?   Not so much.
Unless you count personalized games
and wacky paperdolls.

But we had a blast
and that counts for something!


If I had a puppy.....

.....I'd throw him in too.  

Because what's more precious than:



....and... ummmmm........Fish??

I thought I would do a little house-cleaning and
post a few stragglers that got left behind
when they were fresh. 
I hope the fish doesn't stink up the place!


The Mr. & Mrs.

February 4, 1978

32 years later....


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