Just spill it!

As you can see, I'm back in the books.  I got a little ATC crazy, there.   Well, truthfully, I still am.  But I'm feeling more in control now.  ;)

This layout started as a card.  I did this rol-a-dex card and decided to incorporate it into a page.  

I have tons of the little rol-a-dex cards that I've tinkered with before.  Then I was delighted to discover other artists did them as well, calling them Rolos.  But then I discoved at about the same moment that Rolos seem to be passe.  I've always been on the cutting edge like that.  

But, now....rolos in an altered book?   I see a whole new trend!


Measuring up

This is a set of ATCs I did for a swap. We were to use a measuring tape somehow on the ATC. 

 I am a newbie in this swap circle--I hope I 'measure up'.


Butterfly baby

I hope this baby is not a boy, because I have it dripping in pink and roses and glitter and pearls!


Equal time for the Chicks!

The "A" in ATC should stand for 'addictive'!  

In between preparing for guests at Easter lunch tomorrow, I 'rested' by working on these ATCs:

Do you find the red a little unexpected?

Let's hope the chicks feel  better represented in all this Easter making.

Bunny Love

Can't seem to stop making Bunny ATCs.  These little images are so sweet and adorable.

For several years, I collected rabbits.  I accumulated dozens of them in every style, size and color: ceramic ones, wooden ones, cloth ones.We even had a real one--a big white rabbit named Charlotte.
The collection is all boxed up and stored away.  I couldn't bear to part with them. 

I still have a soft spot in my heart for bunnies and still have the slightest urge to buy one whenever I see it


Eggs & Bunnies & Banners, Oh My!

Variations on a theme.
Playing with embossing powder

Easter ATC's

Decorating eggs and bunnies


Mind Wide Open - April Challenge

This month's Mind Wide Open image was beautiful, as always. Something about this one compelled me to participate.

I started by adding some digital images, but wanted more dimension. I added it in the form of flowers, ribbons, butterflies and some other goodies. I only wish I could capture the iridescence of the butterflies in the photo. They sparkle nicely in person.

The finished collage is 9x12". Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the details.

The optional word prompt for the challenge was "Moments." I captioned the piece "Moments ago...." and will leave the rest to your imagination.


Every day is a gift

This altered book page evolved over a period of four days.  

I spent an entire evening on the background--layering with paint, paper and stamps. Gluing..... drying.....painting.....drying.  

After I assembled the main images, it took another couple of evenings for making and selecting embellishments.  

Tonight I finally got around to anchoring everything down-- but only after more making, embossing, rearranging and tweaking.   

 And now, for your viewing pleasure.............


Round Robin - My Favorite Book

My layout for Lisa M's book:

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith

The delight of this piece was how I first envisioned it in my head, sketched it on a scrap, and then watched it develop into reality on the page.   It was so different for me to work on a piece knowing the outcome from the start.  Usually there is a starting point with no definite destination in mind, just stopping when it looks done--the old flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method.  


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