Mixed Media Monday - "Nature"

Mixed Media Monday focuses on "Nature" this week. For my contribution I chose flowers to adorn this little cube. I enjoy making these cube collages, which start out flat, because the end result is always such a pleasant surprise. I love seeing how the collage changes when the sides and corners come together. The pictures below are all the same cube.


Small World of Inchies

In searching out small projects to do this weekend, I found this challenge at Small World of Inchies to be very interesting. Inchies are a real challenge for me--but twinchies, I can do!
When I have better access to the internet, I will be around to see the other players in this challenge!

Make a Moo - Flowers

It has been a while since I did a Moo. My circumstances this week call for me to work on small pieces, so this was the perfect outlet for me! My circumstances also keep me from having blog access but for a small window of time, so I will be around to visit the other Moos a bit later in the week. And finally, my circumstances are teaching me what it means to be peaceful, thankful, and happy.

My circumstances? My daughter and I are in hospital with her son, my grandson, a 21 month-old liver transplant patient. He is doing good.


Mixed Media Monday - "Numbers"

My goal for this piece was texture. Below are some close-up shots so you can be the judge.
I saw a tutorial this week on building a textured surface with tissue, as in Ch*rmin. I used sturdy watercolor paper for the 8x10 base, covered in with gel medium and smooshed in torn bits of tissue. Next I sprinkled in glitter here and there--not for sparkle, but for different texture. Finally, I made spirals from medium-soaked twine. When this was all dry, I started adding color--beginning with dark purple, blue, and green--working up to copper, gold, then lavender and light blue for highlights. Between layers of color I added some stamping, stenciling through sequin waste, and cutting in some turquoise with a credit card. The number inchies were first mounted on cardstock for stability and then on bits of foam to raise them off the surface.


Tag You're It! - Christmas in August

Tag, You're It! this week is Christmas in August. I don't have a lot in the way of Christmas in my stash, but I did get into some of the goodies I won from Kim.

There's time!

Speaking of Christmas in August

This is the beautiful ornament I won at a give-away at Pfatt Markeplace

Gorgeous, isn't he?


4 x 4 Friday - "Statues"

Another Friday, another 4x4. This week we are doing statues. I have been admiring some beautiful monochromatic work lately and tried one myself.

I am also hosting a pennant swap. There is plenty of time to join in--I haven't started mine yet! Find out more from this link and let me know if you want to play along.


Step Outside Your Box - "Geometrics"

It's been a while since I did a Step Outside Your Box challenge. This week's theme just spoke to me, I guess. You see, I love circles. This was a fun page to work on.

What's your favorite shape?

I am also fond of triangles.....the pennant-shaped kind. Come join in the pennant swap that is just now getting started.
It will be fun--no, really, it will be!! (I've done it before, I know!)

Mixed Media Monday - "Fashion"

Mixed Media Monday features fashion this week. If these ladies aren't the epitome of fashion, then I don't know what is! Great theme, Debi!
Now, while you are here, I want to tell you about a little swap I am doing. Swaps are fun! If you've never done one--here is your chance. If you are a swapping pro--then don't skip mine!
There is plenty of time and it's easy-breezy.
Click on the image below to get the details and then get creative!


Pennant Swap!

Let's do another pennant swap, shall we?

First we had the Dream Pennant Challenge.
Then we had the Spring Pennant Challenge.
In March, we had the Hats, Handbags & Heels Pennant Swap.

I think it's past time for another, how about you?

When I tell you the theme, you may laugh or furrow a puzzled brow--but hear me out.

Take a look around your house at the fragrance names for your shower gel, body lotion, even dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and fabric softener. Have you ever noticed how lovely the words are that are used to describe them?

Dancing waters
Moonlight path
Rain-kissed Leaves
Ocean Breeze
Pure Rain
Tahitian Renewal
White Rose
Renewing Rain
Mountain Spring
Meadows & Rain
Amethyst Mist
Moonlight Garden
White Tea & Pearls
Summertime Showers

Don't those sound positively inspiring? Because that will be the inspiration for our pennant swap! Look around your house or the supermarket aisles and choose a fragrance phrase for your pennants' theme. This is to be from the products mentioned, not perfume, but everyday household items.

Here's how it will work:

Everyone that wants to participate will create 5 coordinating pennants in the fragrance phrase theme of your choice When your pennants are finished, you will mail 4 of them to me and keep one for yourself. Get them in the mail by September 2. After I've received all the pennants, I will randomly select 4 new ones to return to you. We will each have work from 4 different artists with which to create a unique banner!

To keep the size uniform, I have prepared a template that I will email to you. Let me know via comment or email if you want to participate. In the same email with the template I will also send you my mailing address.
My email address is: elsie_lisa(at)hotmail(dot)com

I am very excited about the swap and hope you decide to play along. Please consider this post your personal invitation!

Tag You're It! - Faux Postage

This week we are doing Faux Postage over at Tag, You're It! This turned into a real challenge for me. The faux postage was not problem--I had great fun and made lots of stamps and stamp sets. It was incorporating then onto a tag that posed the problem. Since I started it, I had to finish it. This is what I finally came up with, 3 attempts later.

I think I may have blown a fuse working on the Mind Wide Open contest. I'm sure I'll be fine with a little rest! ;)

P.S. I'm hosting a Pennant Swap! Come join in!


The Secret

Door closed

Door open
I created a niche with a curtain to reveal the secret.

This altered book spread has been entered in a contest over at Mind Wide Open. We were required to use this image and the inspiration "secret".

All the entries will be posted there on Friday, August 8. I would appreciate you heading over there and voting for me if you like what you see. I just hope you aren't swayed by all the other fantastic entries!

P.S. I'm hosting a Pennant Swap! Come join in!


Mixed Media Monday - "Trinchies"

All of my three regular readers are probably asking themselves, "What, pray tell, is a trinchie?" Just for fun, I included a measuring device in the picture to help clue you in. A trinchie is a bit a of artwork that measures 3"x3". It is the challenge piece for this week's Mixed Media Monday.

I first wrapped my cardstock in a piece of Texas map and antiqued the edges. Then I added some symbols of Texas (note: other than the proverbial longhorn steer, cowboy boots and hat, puh-leese). If you look closely, there is a glistening seashell in the lower right corner, corresponding with the coast in the 'lower right' portion of Texas. Last, I added some ribbon and fringe, because I'm sassy like that. I just hope the yellow measuring tape doesn't detract from the *ahem* 'artistry' of the piece. Ha!


Tag You're It! - color challenge

Tag, You're It! issued the challenge to make a tag using the colors teal, lime green and black. It seemed a very unusual color combination, but now that I've used it, I have ideas for more!

Although the black looks more brown in the photo, it really is black. I am really loving these colors together, y'all! Can't wait to see what the other weekend taggers do.


4 x 4 Friday - Quotes

This quote just came to my attention a few days ago and I knew I wanted to use it. I'm glad this challenge came along before I forgot it!
Like all good quotes, there is so much truth to this one. Remember all that imagination you had as a child?


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