Chandy redux

For the wedding reception, we had the task of transforming a 
very high-ceilinged, multi-purpose facility (gym)
into a beautiful bridal reception venue.
To give the illusion of a lower ceiling and a cozier, less industrial space
we began collecting the biggest brass chandeliers we could find.
We were amazed at the bounty once we began searching and gathered five in all.

Here is the before of one:
You get the idea.

We hung them outside and went through a bunch of cans of white spray paint.
I found a site online where I ordered dozens of crystals.
The Christmas ornaments came out just in time at Hobby Lobby
for yards of iridescent beads and crystal baubles.


We even carried a smaller one on location for the bridal portrait shoot.

It was around these chandeliers we built the whole
shabby chic theme of the wedding and had a great time doing it!


Is it fall already?

Greetings, earthlings. I am new to this planet.
Ok, I've just been gone for a really long time.

I am posting fall pictures, because the minute I publish
 it will probably start snowing in the Deep South!

  So, there was summer..........
.........we had a wedding.......
......it was lovely.......

We finally managed to get away for a few days at the lake.
Because the job?  It has been busy!

We enjoyed the cooler weather, simple food, changing colors.

We soaked in the beautiful views.

 We listened to our Texas Rangers win the AL Pennant.
(I'm not discussing the World Series just yet)

There has been a lot going on the past few months.
This is what you call a thumbnail sketch.
This is what you call calling off the hecklers from the sidelines, 
the peanut gallery, (where exactly is that anyway?)
and the sly little commenters, here and elsewhere ;)
...all (3) of you that wanted a post!

I won't promise I'm back, but I'm close.


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