Christmas Tour 2008

The tree in the den is rather loaded in ornaments.
There is everything from a peacock feather to the Statue of Liberty.
From a trio of butterflies to a pair of seashells.
Plus all the santas, snowflakes and other twinkling orbs.
Every room that is decorated for Christmas has a Nativity.
Without the birth of our Savior, there would be no Christmas.

We deck the halls stairs, too.

The pink tree in the 'parlor'.
When I say I like pink, y'all....I mean it.

Our largest, oldest, and most favorite Nativity.

A little wooden train set for the grandsons.
Something that is hands-on.
What could have happened to this happy little vignette?
Ummm, did I mention I have grandsons?
There has been a little 'hands-on' here, I do believe.

Have a Blessed Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!
Go here to see eight or nine HUNDRED!!! more.


Computer Woes

You think she looks sad......you should see me! Because of some vendor-schmendor change-a-roo at Acer, there is a 2 week delay on the very important thingy that will fix my laptop. Yep, there is some sadness around here.

I shall pour out my angst into my art. Isn't that what all the great artists do?

Truth be told, we are enjoying a wonderful Christmas season. Those two weeks will fly by and all will be well in Who-ville once more.


Saturday ATCs

Enjoyed some quiet time at the old art table today.
These ATCs are the result.
I wish I had more to say. Maybe I will be wordier when I get my laptop out of the shop. I know......it's sad, isn't it?


Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.....

Remember that Barbara Mandrell song "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool"?

When it comes to cutting edge, I'm usually the one that's not even on the blade.

Last fall I wanted to do an art challenge that nobody else was doing and finally came up with banners. It was an original idea, at least to me. At the time, I had to search pretty far down into Google to find some examples to post. Since then, I have hosted two banner challenges and two banner swaps. Throughout the year I have seen more banners (and triangle art) being done here and there; they are becoming more common.

But today, on the cover of my new Paper Crafts magazine, I see this: "Trend Alert! Breezy Banners". Yes ma'am, I did! The 'moxie fab' spotlight is on "the trendy and versatile banner."

Now I'm not claiming that I invented banners, or was even the first to do an art blog about them, but I do feel rather pleased to find myself on the cutting edge! (Get it....paper crafts....scissors...cutting edge....oh, never mind)

Okay, I'm stopping with the patting now. My arm is starting to hurt.


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We had a busy one here at our house and enjoyed a blessed time with family.

The only creating I had time for was the cooking kind. I would sit at my art table for just a few minutes here and there, mostly pondering or organizing, but not accomplishing much else.

We did get a lot of Christmas decorating done, including the tree. Christmas shopping at 5:00 a.m.......?? Oh, no. I slept in and kept my tootsies warm!


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