I have about learned to grab the camera and get a "before" shot 
before starting a project, but unfortunately I still forget to
keep snapping all the way through.  Good thing you have a 
good imagination.  It will help you later on in this post.

This little table was on its way out.  It had already made it to the trash
bin, but not all the way to the curb.  The poor little thing was so wobbly
it could hardly stand on it lovely turned legs.

The top was disconnected from the leg and the garish nail holes from a poorly attempted repair were filled with wood putty and sanded.

Now is where you imagine the table top painted white.
Got that?  That will help you recognize it later on.

The edges of a pressed wood letter from 
Hobby Lobby  have been painted pale pink.

The "B" is about to be covered with this gingham paper.

I brushed the letter with Mod Podge then smoothed the paper 
over the letter.

After allowing it plenty of time to dry, I used a sharp blade 
to trim the paper from the back side of the letter.

The edges will be rough.  I simply sanded off the paper remnants
with 220 grit sandpaper.

I attached the "B" to the now-white table top plaque
with hot glue.  

By now, your keen sense of deductive reasoning has 
probably clued you in on what is happening here.

The "is for" is free-handed in pink marker.
Miss B's name is written with stick on letters.

This sweet name plaque is hanging over Miss B's crib
waiting for her arrival, at which time I will
be a liberty to announce what the "B" stands for.

In the meantime, there are a couple more nursery projects
to share in future posts.  I had better get to posting, because 
we are down to just a couple of weeks....or less!

There will be a full nursery tour at Miss B's mama's blog
that I will link to in a future post.


Recipe for success

Take one solid wood desk, well used.
Sand remains of stickers and a few screwdriver 
marks off the top surface.

Paint in the carport on the first below 100 degree day
you have in 6 weeks.

Freshen hardware with 
brushed nickel spray paint.

Move into newly painted pink nursery.

We are now minus 30 days and counting on
Operation Granddaughter!


This one's for you, D.

After lunch yesterday my friend and I had just a few minutes
to hit a local thrift store that helps victims of domestic abuse
 where we found this beauty:

 I whacked off the big ol' elastic band, took up the sides,
 narrowed the sleeves and made them three-quarter.

It's made of a soft lightweight silky fabric.
Just right for a little jacket to throw on when
she's working in the super cool AC at the library.

I see more lunch hour thrifting in our future.


Baby butterflies

Technically, not baby butterflies, but butterflies for the baby.
You may or may not have heard that we are soon to be
blessed with a granddaughter!  

After three wonderful, delightful and adorable grandsons, 
we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a
little bundle of pinkness, bows and lace.

I helped Amy with some nursery preparations this weekend.
She is embracing the butterfly portion of her online persona.
To that end, I have been collecting a wildly colored
 assortment of butterflies.

The motley crew

After a few coats of Krylon's Watermelon pink.....

Pretty delicate butterflies to decorate the nursery.
Even with natural light, I could not get the color right.  
For the true shade, refer to the product image above.

There are more projects I am excited to reveal
 as we continue our decorating.


You never know

I'm considering renaming my blog to something more descriptive of what you find here. These are the possibilities:

A Box of Chocolates

 (because in the words of Forest Gump, you never know what you're going to get.)


Monkey See, Monkey Do

(because I just bounce around blogland copying what I see and like.)

As of late, I have been enjoying such blogs as 

There are tons of them out there--just Google 'refashion'

What these gals do with ugly thrift store clothing is amazing.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Monkey went to the thrift store and tried her hand at it.

Before: a rather tired peasant blouse

What I did to it, in a nutshell
Add a casing and elastic across the top--Viola!

Shirt to skirt!!

Coaching the photographer

I have to wonder if these refashioning gals have as much trouble or hear as much grumbling from their photographers as I did.   ;)  Something tells me they do.  (Thanks, hon!)


Clever collage

Can you decipher what is depicted in the collage above?

Once you get the 'what', you will never guess the 'how' it was made.

I found this incredible art by Jenny O'dell

You must go there and marvel at her other amazing collages.

Then come back and tell me your favorites.  I've picked mine.


Little treasures

I've been treasure hunting.  Here are a couple of things I found.

Big chunky bowl

Ceramic?  Hand painted?  I don't know.  I just liked it.

Huge metal tray, green on the inside, turquoise on the outside

I rather like them together.
There are lots more treasures to share. 
Some will involve 'before & after" so it may be a bit before I get them posted.


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