Calico Cat Collage

This piece used paper scraps, metallic paint,pens & crayon, 
and a stencil that I hand cut.

Template for cat is HERE.

Video below.


Little Moments

I pin so many ideas that I want to try and 
then never go back and do it.
I just keep pinning and pinning.....

So, I decided it was time to start going through 
my own boards for inspiration instead of
just adding more.

Here is the pin that inspired me.

My process video:


Making ATCs again

A few years ago I made a lot of ATCs, even traded them, because,
you know--they are Artist's Trading Cards.

The other day I felt the urge to make some.

Here are two sets I made at one sitting.  Video below.


Tale of Two Cards

These happy little cards were created while we were camping. 
 I packed a tote of minimum, essential supplies and took over a corner half the RV table.

This first card was a series of boo boos and mishaps, hence the focal point and quote.
And those lumps are eggs not potatoes, lol.

This card behaved much better.


Summer and Sea

I seem to have been on a collage kick lately. 
This page is entirely collage. I used some items I recently received in happy mail.
(Thanks, Ina) along with some things from my stash and others that I went on a hunt for.
This was a very fun page to do. It carried me to the beach for a few minutes.


What we look for

This page began while I was watching TV one night, nestled next to a stack of magazines. I had a color in mind; when I found just the shade I had in my head, I clipped it out,  It became my inspiration piece that I measured everything else against. Several magazines later, I had a nice pile of golden clippings, everything from carrots and sweet potatoes to purses and beer.

Later I began assembling the collage. Some of the things became unrecognizable, but I knew where and what they were.  That is how I came up with the quote for the page.

These colors are very pleasing to me.

See what you can see!


Love Builds a Home

Happy little houses!!

Using some words from the original text:


I spy with my little eye......


ICAD 2016

An index card a day in June and July.

The first 30 are completed!  
31 to go!

To see each one, watch the video slideshow. 


Play Out Loud & Own the Moment

This was my first time to video working on two pages at once.
I'm sure I've done it before, but never documented it.

I didn't know it was going to be two pages when I started.
I was simply playing with papers and paint.
When the background papers didn't seem to go together, 
I decided to open the book and do two pages at the same time.

I used acrylic paints, spackling paste,
stamps, a 'found' stencil, brayer,
stabilo all pencil and water brush.

Since the background papers were so different, I decided to make 
the pages as different as possible.

On this page I used  Alex creamy crayons, Color Box chalk inks,
Zing embossing powder, Sharpie marker, harlequin stencil, stamps,
magazine image collage.

                                                    Go HERE to see the process video of the pages. 


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