Be different

I regret not taking a picture of this one in progress, because, you know....a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'll try to be more brief than that in my description of this page.   

The green painted pages are torn to reveal the paper-covered pages underneath.  I inked the torn edges before gluing them down. The pennants are cut from pink paper.  The flowers and butterflies are stamps painted with chalks.  


What time is it?

This page was inspired from a chapter title in the book I'm working in. There are some things I like about this spread, but in general, it is not one of my favorites.  To quote Kellie Murton, "Every page doesn't have to be your favorite."  So, it is what it is, and I had fun creating it!


You don't always need a plan

Playing with color and layers. Flowers are cut out of a magazine.  I chose the pages just for the color, never mind it was a prescription drug advertisement.  I was just following the advice of the quote, and I think this page turned out pretty good.



This quote could be perceived either positively or negatively. I choose to view it in the positive sense. My interpretation:  While having expectations is beneficial  focusing solely on them we may find ourselves unhappy with life as it comes.  I believe contentment comes from expectations tempered with reality.

This page was an exercise in blue. For some reason I rarely pick up the blue paint.
The bird is a fussy cut of a rubber stamp.  The checkerboard is stenciled with a texture paste. 
Not really a lot going on with this one.


Think Happy Thoughts

What can be happier than these little houses, right?  They are just so colorful and cheerful.
I used some old paper that has been in my stash for a while to create the houses and glued them to an acrylic washed background.  Some border stamps, flower stamps, circles and splatters finished it up!  Happy!



Art journal page layered with acrylic paints, text, cutouts, stencils and stamps. 


Raining In My Heart

It was not a particularly sad day when I created this page, but it seemed to evolve in to sad page.  Subliminal, perhaps?
 I started with a neutral background, adding some text collage pieces.  
The bold red heart came next.  I was going for contrast against the background.  
To continue with the contrasting theme, I added bright blue paint drips from the top of the page.  
When the paint ran over the heart, it became rain.
I finished off the page with some stenciling with texture paste and  black spatters.
The rainy heart seemed to call for the text "stiches."
The chevron stamp was one I hand carved. 



If you never try, you'll never know.
Working on this page I tried a lot of new things.
I went to town with paining with my fingers,  lots of marker work, and stamps!
It turned out to be quite a different looking page from  my usual.
Just goes to show, if you never try, you'll never know.
I'm glad I tried.


Sometimes it is more important to just do something, anything, to just move forward rather than getting all tangled up in preconceived notions of perfection.

Once you know who you are and own it, you rob the sting from those who would be your critics.


Going Green in the Natural State

We have been hanging around close to home lately.  Business is slowing down as the summer draws closer and will pick back up full speed ahead in the fall. Between now and then we are preparing to welcome two new grand babies to the world, both boys. (Is there any other kind?) ( Except for the one and only Brookie, heart o' my heart)

This week was a trip to Arkansas for the midwife home visit all birth participants are asked to attend.  I have been blessed to be present for all six of my grandchildren's births so far, and Lord willing, I will be at the next two.

Somewhere along the way, my daughters have become these organic, earthy, natural women.  Amy has gone the large family/homeschooling route; Kristin has gone the way of  baby-wearing/cloth diapering/herbal/midwifery/home birthing. I was more of a middle-of-the-road traditional gal, so my girls fascinate me.  I fully support both of them and have learned a lot from them.

For some time now I have heard of "The Green Corner Store" in Kristin's conversations, so much so, that it had become almost legendary in my mind. She has purchased many things from there, including cloth diapers, natural soaps, local honey, Logan's amber teething necklace, lip balms and herbs.
So this morning while we were out for her prenatal chiropractic visit she took me by The Green Corner Store!

 From their website:
"The Green Corner Store is located at the northeast corner of 15th and Main Streets, in the historic South Main District of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.  We are inside the circa 1905 Lincoln Building built by C.J. Lincoln, a local drug wholesaler. It originally housed the C. H. Dawson drug store and soda fountain which operated for 60 years. After being vacant for a period of time, the building housed a car audio store and most recently a law firm. The Lincoln Building is now used by The Green Corner Store.  In 1996, the Lincoln building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places"

"After researching and practicing a sustainable lifestyle, healthy living and safer alternatives for more than 15 years, Shelley Green (yes, our owner's last name is really Green!) opened The Green Corner Store in the summer of 2009 with a strong commitment to preserving and sustaining the environment.
reminiscent of an old-fashioned general store...... the first and only eco-lifestyle retail store in Arkansas. The Green Corner Store sells environmentally friendly goods that are truly better for people, pets and the planet. We offer easy ways to be "greener" without sacrificing style, convenience or comfort.
The Green Corner Store carries the basic necessities for everyday living - plus fun items like gifts, toys, accessories,  products that are environmentally preferable to others on the market. They can take the place of disposables and reduce emissions. They are recyclable and/or made from recyclable materials, are compostable, organic and, whenever possible, sourced from local suppliers. "

Beautiful old soda fountain

Apparently a popular spot, I had to wait to catch these
 tables empty to grab this shot.

Many vendors have goods here: Soaps, herbs, honey, jams,
 baby things, jewelry--all homemade or Fair Trade items.

Between the soaps, lavender and other fresh natural things,
 it smelled wonderful in the store!

....3 weeks.......

I particularly liked the antique oak shelving throughout the store.
The Green Corner Store definitely appeals to all the senses. In hindsight, I am regretting not getting a scoop from the Loblolly Creamery bin at the soda fountain.  Clearly, I was not on my a-game!

All in all, this was a very pleasant experience and I enjoyed seeing this little peek into Kristin's life.


Six degrees of separation......sort of

This week's job site was in Saginaw, Texas.  But our hotel was in Hurst.

Which was practically one block from Richland Hills. 

 Have you followed all that so far?  Stay with me. 

 These cities are suburbs of Fort Worth, which is right next to Arlington. 

Arlington is the home of the Texas Rangers.

We just happened to be here opening week.

Yes, we did!!  

Game 2 of the Season Opening Series!!

We decided to go spur of the moment and had not a speck of Ranger gear with us.
(They still let us in. )

The newly renamed Globe Life Park
(previously The Ballpark in Arlington)

In memory of Shannon Stone, who fell to his death at the park in 2011.

Manager Ron Washington arguing a call.

Using the new instant replay review.

Elvis Andrus stealing second.

Mitch Moreland at the plate.

Run Mitch!

RBI for Mitch

Walk off win!!

Celebrating on the field.

Rangers 3 - Phillies 2


Campground walkabout

The campground is called Piney Point.  Perhaps these first couple of pictures will illustrate why.

If this birdhouse seems okay to you, then your head may be a bit tilted.

Brave birds

For the most part, Spring was just on the verge of bursting. Only a few trees had not yet sprouted a few green buds.  And then there was this lovely lady, all pink and glamorous.  I don't know what kind of tree this is, but the sweet fragrance was intoxicating!

Happy trails!

Next week:  Saginaw, Texas


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