From birds to butterflies

My R&R didn't produce as many projects as I had anticipated. It finally dawned on me after a couple of days that it was because, even though I had the essential supplies with me, they were out of their usual position in relation to the work area. Creating involved too much hunting. I finally broke loose when I had rummaged through my stuff enough to make a mess of it. At least I knew where everything was and it was in easy reach.

Do you find that you are a creature of habit when it comes to your artwork? Not to be confused with tidiness--I craft like a nest-building bird on steroids. I seem to cross over from 'muse' to 'mess'. But even with that, the paints are here, the brushes sit there, stamps in these drawers, ink pad in this basket. Oh, I often lose something that was just in my hands, but it usually turns up when I ruffle a few feathers.

There comes a time when the piles are just too chaotic and I have to clear the table and start over. But come to think of it, it usually takes a few sessions of hen scratching to rebuild my nest and get back to some serious making.

So is that a sign of creative madness or just a disturbed mind?

I think on our next trip, I will just toss my supplies in the air and see what happens. (As I ponder with a giddy glimmer in my eyes.)


Eggs and Nests

While recreating, I have enjoyed the extra time for creating. These ATCs are for a "Egg & Nest" swap. It was a little hard to let a couple of them go, but I know there will be good things in the return.


R&R, which does not stand for Round Robin

We are enjoying some Rest & Relaxation with the family this week.
I have some essential art supplies packed for when inspiration strikes.
Pretty inspiring view:


Paging Dr. Seuss

These happy little ATCs are the result of more of my semi-sleeping inspiration.
I hope they give you a good chuckle.

These little piggies have already been posted, traded and mailed:

This little piggy needs a hard hat:

And these little piggies will dance all the way home!


Sunday Night Fever--ah, ah, ah, ah, Stayin' Alive

The other half of that book cover was just taunting me, so I had to go ahead and do it to get it to leave me alone.

This piece I did for an art group I belong to. The theme was "What were you singing in the 70's?"

The 70's songs are where I shine, baby! I could do a whole book on them, so picking just one was hard.

The Eagles are always a good choice. I finally decided on
"Best of My Love" - 1975.

What is so fun about working on a music piece is that I find myself singing it the whole time I'm working on it. And usually for three days afterward. And then every time I see the artwork.

I about went crazy with this one and this one. Just linking to them will get me started again!

I found this couple in living color and 'retroed' them up a bit in Photoshop. After that, monochromatic seemed the way to proceed. All the flowers are handmade from some favorite paper.

I'm going to go polish up the ol' dicso ball now , put on my Boogie Shoes and get down to some BeeGees!


One of the best things about blogging is finding other artists that inspire. I've been a fan of Mary's art for quite a while now. She creates some lovely wall hanging using old book covers. I have been wanting to make for a long time. I finally did:

A whole new way of altering books. The cover is a perfect canvas with some shabby and vintage already built in.

Now that I've got the first one under my belt, I can see more of these in my future.



2 years

243 posts

2 banner challenges

2 pennant swaps

1 round robin

Many, many new friends

No matter at which post you first arrived,

thanks for being here.

There has been a lot of bloggity goodness these past two years.

I hope it continues to as much fun in the next two.


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