So you can sleep tonight

I know the wonder and curiosity have been keeping you up at night.   So without further delay, I will reveal what I intentionally incorporated into each page of my house book, as promised in my last post.

My  home represents Life and Light, both in the literal sense and the spiritual sense.  In my house book, I included a light source and a living thing on each page to convey that warmth and love.  Quite serendipitously, each page but the last 2 also have a chair.  To me that denotes comfort.

I loved your interpretations, as always.  I may even do another similar book and use actual elements from my own home as Linda guessed in the comments.  Great idea!

Here's a little somethin-somethin for eye candy, because an art blog without pictures is like a sundae without the cherry.  A taco without the cheese.   Bacon without the eggs.   Salt without pepper.  (Can you tell it's lunchtime around here?)
A gluebook page

I'm off to make a sandwich....or a taco....or some eggs......


Making at midnight

This post will be full of pictures and a story too!  How exciting is that?  Settle back and enjoy.

Some months ago I had a vision for a multi-part project and set out to create it.  I worked on it for a while--off and on--then it got put on the back burner.  Actually, it got tucked away in a folder.  I kind of forgot about it.  Fast forward to Friday night when I popped wide awake and couldn't sleep.

Like a mouse, I crept into my art room, so as not to wake the husband, and started rummaging around for something to work on.  Well, whadadya know...I stumbled upon the forgotten folder.  It was like seeing an old friend.

 I pull out the pieces and take inventory of where I was in the process.  Time flew.  An hour or so later I went back to sleep with a finished project on my table.

Welcome to my house book.

Four house-shaped templates

Attached with rings

Back view
Come on up on the porch.  I'll take you through room by room.

The front door

The foyer

The library

A cozy nook

Family room

Dining room


Back porch

 As we went through the house did you catch some subtleties I nestled into the decor?  My eagle-eye real-life observer (Amy) spotted them.  I'm sure my eagle-eye followers did  too!

To give you another chance with that, and to give you a sense flipping through the book, here is one more set of pictures:
Front (R) and Back (L) pages

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Ok, so how did you do?  
Tell me in the comments.
I love your interpretations.

You will have to come back to see if you found what I incorporated.  
Answers will be in the next post.  :)


In which there are no golden arches....

Having fun with the background and a spray bottle made me happy.

Bunting made with paper scraps.
Just to give you another insight on how my mind breaks out in random song. 
You only have to listen to the first 20 seconds to get the connection.  

Wasn't that fun?

Watch for a photo-packed post coming soon..........



As I was working on this page, a song I had not thought about in years popped into my head.
 I had to hear it.  And I have to share it with you.  
Wow, does this take me back!


In yellow

I have come to appreciate the simplicity of a gluebook.
Now that I've been working in one for a while,
I have assembled a small tray of clippings that I can
work from while watching TV in the evenings.

A gluebook fills the creative urge without having to
have a lot of supplies: just a gluestick, scissors,
clippings and a book.

I like having different media for different moods, situations and needs.


The Beauty of Age

 This layout just fell into place and was so much fun to do.

The background is from an old Harlequin romance paperback.
The color was perfect!  I did nothing to it.
You can't create aged paper like that.
It just takes time.

That is the same truth that applies to the natural 
beauty of age--be it paper, heirlooms or people.

Age is a wonderful thing.
A true blessing.
Embrace it.


Here comes the color!

Inspiration can come from anywhere--anything.

These neon labels had found their way to my art table.

Why not?

After rummaging around in the paint box
and gathering some random words:

Feels good to be in the paint and glue again.

And of course, a bit o' pink!



By choice, my blog does not contain a lot of personal information.  Yet I feel it would be somewhat remiss to jump back into blogging-as-usual without acknowledging the reason for my absence. After a long illness, my mother-in-law went home to be with the Lord last week.  Her care has been at the forefront of our attention and energies.
 All is well.  God is good.


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