Happy Thoughts

It's always an exciting day here at Simple Journeys when an altered book reaches a certain status. It is a lot like completion, but an altered book is never considered completed. Yet when it reaches that certain status, known only by me, when it is evenly filled out from cover to cover and the extra unaltered pages are snipped away, then, and only then, is it ready for it's cover to be altered. The book gets it's name and it gets it's cover. A christening, if you will. A graduation, of sorts. An exciting day, indeed.

Today, White Book, the 4th in my collection, became Happy Thoughts. It joins Simple Journeys (the original), Random Expressions, and Rust & Roses. There are a couple more about to attain that status very soon. But today.........

Welcome, Happy Thoughts!

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Red, Red, Red!

So, this spread started from the red, up. It soon developed into two separate pages, actually. I don't think these two gals could possibly know each other. How they ended up on the same spread--I can't explain. I tried to reconcile the two, but it just wasn't happening. Since I liked them both for what they were, I just went with it. If this wacky spread should upset your artistic sensiblilitles, just view them separately. Let me help you with that........

...........you're welcome.



If you are one of the hundreds dozens three faithful followers* of Simple Journeys, you might remember this torso tag from this post. It was my inspiration piece for this altered book spread. The shoes and ball gown are Andy Warhol magazine clips. I borrowed from my own stash of lipstick clips to add some more glamour. Yes, I have an envelope of lipstick clip waiting for a huge collage. One of these days.

*Follower-one who regularly keeps up with a blog (as opposed to a person who accepts the leadership or teachings of another ). If you fit into the first definition, please let me know by signing in as a "follower" at the new widget in the left sidebar. I'd love to see your pic over there! And if the lack of "followers" is too embarassing, I will have to remove it! :(




Giggles, secrets

sometimes tears

sister and friend

through the years.

I don't have a sister, but I was blessed with two daughters, so I get to experience sisterhood through their eyes. Through childhood to adulthood......through the years.

Sister images courtesy of Cora at Paper Flowers.


Mixed Media Monday - "Stars"

This piece for Mixed Media Monday was made only with materials, clips, and paints within reach on my worktable. It is completely different from what I usually do. By restricting myself to what just happened to be close by, I actually created a much more random piece. Try it! It's fun!
Edited to add: Little did I know when I did this piece I was Stepping Outside My Box by using desktop scraps. See what others did here.


4 x 4 Friday - "Stencils"

For this Friday's 4x4 challenge, I incorporated the stencil work with a checkered stenciled border on a bit of wallpaper that I had first washed with white acrylic then stamped with a small medallion stamp. The image of "Mary" is courtesy of Paper Flowers. Visit all the other 4x4 participants and see how they used stencils.


Altered Diva

This was a fun piece to work on. (But aren't they all?) There was no theme. There was no plan. It started with an 8x10 canvas. After much painting, stamping and layering, I present to you the finished product: the altered diva.


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