Making Monday

My grandson spent the day with me yesterday. He is four.
One of his favorite things to do is "ought" (art). Since my altered book supplies are often usually always out, it is a great temptation to him. I have given him his own book and explained very carefully that is the only book he may alter. He loves the rubber stamps , the star punch, and the "swirly" scissors best. ("Let me just snip this.")

To protect my brushes, I've made him some with clothespins and a bit of sponge. They can take the abuse and then be thrown away.

His little mind is quite creative, so I refrain from giving suggestions. I only instruct him in the proper way to use the supplies and let him go from there. He has a blast!

In case you haven't guessed, our art was worked in between enjoying Pumpkin Peeps and Christmas cookies and was thus the inspiration for the pages!


Linda said...

Aren't grandkids a treat? I love dale's art work! He's only 4? His pages look better than some of mine!

My Kylie girl and I made a book yesterday. I printed out some pictures of people she knows and put them through my Xyron to make stickers and she did the sticking and decorating afterwards. Too much fun! She'll be two on December 16th and I don't remember my kids being so creative and, well, I hate to admit it, but smart! She knows all her letters (although, she calles W double X) and shapes and most of her colors.

I am so enjoying grandmotherhood!

fairenuff said...

I love Dale's creations, my favourite is the Christmas themed one. Doesn't Dale look grown up in the photo?!


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