"Original" - Photohunters

Like so many have said so far, this week's theme was a doozie!

Since everything on my blog other than Photohunters falls under "original", I really did some thinking. To post an altered book page would just be too easy.

Here is my version of "Original" - the handwork of the original Americans:


"Paper" - Photo Hunters

BAD PAPER!! Where does all this paper come from?! I hate junk mail! I let the pile grow all week in preparation for this week's theme.
GOOD PAPER!! This is sampling of some of the beautiful papers waiting to become a part of an altered book.

Change in the Air

It’s the colors, the smells, the crisp air…..
It’s a refreshing break after a hot summer.
It’s a mild interlude before a cold winter.

October is a symphony of permanence and change.

-Bonaro W. Overstreet


An introductory page to the "Seasons" book. Note the divider tabs on the right side for the sections on each individual season and it's merits.


"Plastic" - Photo Hunters

Plastic Army Surrounds Plastic T-rex!


A Special Request

After last week's Photo Hunt, I received a request from a friend. *waves at Sam* While I was mulling over a design, said friend provided me with the ultimate inspiration!
The request:
Can we have requests please? I'd like to see a musical page
similar to the ones you've already done but with lilacs/aqua and passionate
pink/purple as the background.
The result:

"You can dance anywhere

Even if only in your heart"

I hope you enjoy viewing it half as much as I enjoyed making it! What fun!!


"Music" - Photo Hunter

One of my favorite music themed pages.
The pictures, the colors, the quote are all so soothing.
*Hello* fellow Photo Hunters!


"Dirty" - Photo Hunter

This is my first time to post in Photo Hunters. When I saw this weeks theme, I knew I had the perfect picture! What could be dirtier than two little boys in a field of dirt?


A Perfect Moment

In honor of the newest blog feature, the beautiful music you hear playing, I chose a musically themed page to share with you. There is a gently rain falling this morning--a perfect backdrop for "A Perfect Moment".


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