Christmas Tour 2008

The tree in the den is rather loaded in ornaments.
There is everything from a peacock feather to the Statue of Liberty.
From a trio of butterflies to a pair of seashells.
Plus all the santas, snowflakes and other twinkling orbs.
Every room that is decorated for Christmas has a Nativity.
Without the birth of our Savior, there would be no Christmas.

We deck the halls stairs, too.

The pink tree in the 'parlor'.
When I say I like pink, y'all....I mean it.

Our largest, oldest, and most favorite Nativity.

A little wooden train set for the grandsons.
Something that is hands-on.
What could have happened to this happy little vignette?
Ummm, did I mention I have grandsons?
There has been a little 'hands-on' here, I do believe.

Have a Blessed Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!
Go here to see eight or nine HUNDRED!!! more.


Kristin said...

What a beautiful home you have! I can't wait to BE there!!!! :) :) :)
It totally looks like you stole the picture of the big nativity. Nice photoshop skills. ;)

See you in THREE days!


Tammy said...

Your home looks wonderfully festive! How long did it take you to get all your decorations up? Your Nativity looks very much like the one I grew up with each Christmas. We have snow which is keeping us home-bound and under covers. It's the perfect Christmas frosting!

Nigel's Mom said...

Such beautiful Christmas trees!

Nigel's Mom said...

And the lighting on the outside of your house is AWESOME! Tres belle!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

Your home looks so cozy and inviting! You did a beautiful job of making all the rooms look happy!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. It's warming up a tad, but will freeze tonight and we are expecting snow again on Tues or Wed, so it's going to be a white Christmas.

Jeeves said...

Merry christmas

RubyMay said...

wow...what wonderful photos !
Happy Crafty New Year hon x
hugs rubymay x

Anonymous said...

LOVE your trees! I always like a tree that's totally *loaded* with stuff. The pink one is great, but I would say that because mine is also pink! :) Hope your 2009 is filled with fun, laughter and creativity galore. I look forward to our book RR!


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