Found Poetry

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I've been in a bit of a slump lately, but happily, the downer streak seems to be coming to an end.

I joined a swap in my online ATC group. The theme of this swap was Found Poetry, where we are to take one page from a book, and cutting out appealing words, create random little poems.

Without previewing it, I plucked a page from a book I plan to alter and began snipping words and phrases that caught my attention.

When I begin to assemble them into poetic thoughts, I saw an age-old story, yet a familiar story: my story.

Maybe you see your story too.


Cindy said...

I do not think you were in a slump. I think you were just shifting gears. That little space in between first and second gear was where you were. Now you are running smoothly along...

Linda Jacobs said...

You've got to know that I absolutely LOVE these with the found poems! I'm going to have my poetry-writing students do some of these the next time I teach that course.

And now, I'm going to go back and actually look at the art work; I got so carried away with the words!

Linda Jacobs said...

Top to bottom:

1. It looks like the sunrise of a new world for you!

2. I like how the light swide seems to be overtaking the dark side. And the little square...is it a mirror reflecting the new you?

3. She looks like she has found freedom!

4. It does make you feel like a little girl again to play!

These make me want to stand up and cheer!

Lisa said...

Thank you, thank you both! Linda, I knew you would be excited about the poetry. As always, I love your piece by piece interpretation of my work. You see it so clearly!

Tammy said...

Very creative and origional! What a fun idea. I love the butterfly and the purple and yellow. The colors are awesome.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Hi Lisa, I hope September is a better month for all of us!! I love these, and Linda's interpretation is just perfect!! Here's to a new month and brighter horizons!! XOXO


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