Christmas Nostalgia

Few things cause me to be more nostalgic than Christmas.  My childhood memories of Christmas are
vivid, sweet, and special.
 During those splendid years circa 1968, I loved, loved, loved our aluminium tree, which was always adorned with red ornaments.

The magic really happened when this little device
 was turned on, slowly illuminating the sparkling silver tree with
shades of red, green, blue, and yellow.  

It was especially cool to lay on the floor underneath
the tree and look up
through all the glistening branches as they were awash with the mechanical rainbow.
Many ornaments and trinkets have come and gone,
but here are some that I fondly remember:

Seems like these little chenille pipe-cleaner-esque
santas decorated wrapped presents.

This jolly ornament had a soft cottony beard.

There was an elf or two just like this one in our Christmas box
that my brother and I played with year after year.

The beauty of these things are their simplicity and the happy memories they evoke.

Aren't memories just a mental collage?

Do you have pleasant memories of simpler times?


Cindy said...

Our memories are traveling the same path. I am working on a page I am calling Ghosts of Christmas Past. We are so into the nostalgic Christmas that we have an aluminum tree with the color wheel still!! I love to drag that out. My fave is on the wheel is still red!! It makes that little tree look ablaze!

Linda Jacobs said...

I know what you mean about lying under the tree and looking up and dreaming in the glow of the lights. No gifts had been opened and it was so exciting to imagine what I might be getting.

Living in this neck of the woods, we always had a real tree with the old-fashioned, big, multi-colored lights

My parents didn't have an awful lot of money but they made all of our Christmasses magical.

Thanks for this post that took me down memory lane!

Kristin said...

I miss you. I am ready to be home. Is the tree up there? Because every year it is still full of my childhood memories.

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Oh I wish we could see a picture of it in the different colors, it sounds very neat. I've never seen a tree like that.

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

P.S Anyone who loves pink qualifies as a BFF in my book! Hope you have a blessed Christmas.

Betsy said...

If only I had known how you would love old sentimental things, I would not have sold that tree sometime in the 70's. If only.
Do you remember the Christmas that you and I slipped in the living room after everyone else had gone to bed and under that tree we very carefully opened the tiny box that had an opal ring in it for you? and just as carefully taped it back up until Christmas?
I never was able to keep a secret. :) Mama


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