Denise who??

My girls got the brilliant idea we should all be exercising more.

Oh, really?

I live in a two-story house, isn't that enough?

A lean sculpted body sounds good in theory.

But, seriously?

It hurts.  And there is sweat.

Besides, it can be hazardous to your health.



Cindy said...

I walk a mile from my car to work in the morning and another back in the evening. I thought that was ample exercise. WRONG! I got down on the ground with Sugar Plum and thought I was going to have to get a chain hoist to get me back up. After that incident, I have been exercising a little myself.

Marilyn Rock said...

Great expressive book spread! Yes; exercise is hard work. I've been going to a gym for the past two years faithfully and it's starting to get wearing.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love to walk and ride my bike but hate regular exercise. Boring! But your girls are right! Exercise is good for us.

Love your page!


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