Random Fall

Beware: This post is photographically loaded.

These are barely edited shots that I took on a walk around the porch and yard this gorgeous autumn afternoon.
Just some things that caught my eye, things you might or might not notice should you make the same walk.
Snippets that are so very familiar to me, captured by my lens.  
Snippets captured by my lens that will be new images to many of you.

It was a perfect afternoon that we enjoyed spending outside.


Kristin said...

Those snippets say "home" to me. I love them. :)

Cindy said...

I love that kitty and doggy. Have you noticed that they like to watch the fall action too? I love to watch their sparkling eyes and intent expressions when they are observing a falling leaf or the soft breeze rustling the branches. It is a thing of beauty.

Betsy said...

I enjoyed seeing the adirondack chair that was made by the uncle you never knew while he was in high school, Purple heart recipient, who died in WWII. This chair is over70 years old and who better than you to use it and appreciate it.

Linda Jacobs said...

Sweet photos! I love focusing on little, ordinary things like you did here. And I want to be sitting on that porch reading, too! So glad for you that your weather is finally decent!

Sheri said...

Wonderful photographs! It is the "little things" that are so beautiful.


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