To glue or not to glue

I have long been fascinated with Mary's beautiful gluebooks at Green Paper,
so when I found that she was doing an online class
(with 3 other artists, no less!)
I jumped at the chance to see inside her
creation process and pick up some hints.

I love the simplicity and visual flow of Mary's layouts.

My first gluebook page:

The art that I create in what I loosely refer to as 'altered books'  is actually a hybrid of
gluebooks and altered books. 

By definition, a gluebook is made with only scissors, glue, photos and ephemera.
An altered book, taken to its full potential, contains a lot more
'altering' than what I usually do these days. 
 I did a lot more ripping, niching, and pockets in the beginning.

My style has evolved to somewhere in the middle.  Along with the graphics, I also incorporate some inking, painting, rubber stamping and some dimensional objects like buttons, ribbons, brads, and such.

It is good to break out of the comfort zone and try new things.
The Artful Pages class is just what I needed!


Amy said...

What a great page! I like how you used so many different kinds of print (dictionary, music, etc).

I love that your style is a blend of the two. Very you. It's so fun to sit and look through your altered/glue books. :)

Cindy said...

Glue book is probably more what I do than altered book. After I am finished with a page, I realize I probably should have stamped or painted or something...

Linda Jacobs said...

Love your style! I like how you put the picture of the girl on both pages. And that stamp is beautiful!


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