{Love} with Texture Tuesday

This week's theme at Kim's Texture Tuesday is "Love", a wide open topic with room for lots of interpretations.  I went with a non-romantic angle, yet stayed with an emotional aspect.

Increased saturation of background layer.
Layer 1: Photo filter adjustment layer (sepia) at 100% opacity
Layer 2: Kim's Canvas Magic texture, linear dodge at 88% opacity
Layer 3: Kim's Crackerjack texture, overlay mode at 83% opacity

We are required to use at least one of Kim's textures, but really?....who can stop with just one?




Linda Jacobs said...

What a difference the textures make! I've GOT to start playing with them!

And congratulations on your new granddaughter! Love her name!

Susan said...

Oh my...this is just incredible.

Great texture too.

Hope you have a blessed day♥

Leah C said...

Love it!!

em said...

I love the final product. And I agree, it's hard to just stop at one!

Cindy said...

You are right about there being many interpretations of love as many as there are stars in the sky.

Deanna said...

Great work on Old Glory...really nice!!

from Sharon said...

So glad to see the flag featured on TT. You did a great work choosing and using your textures. I thought about flags, but went a different direction.
Thank you for stopping by my blog, also. Never too sure of what I am doing, but it is fun! Warmly: Sharon

Pat said...

Great work!

Sylvia said...

It turned out great, Lisa, beautiful use of Kim's textures !
Nice evening,

ShonEjai said...

What a beautiful use of texture! You photo is amazing! I am starting new challenge called I Heart Textures. I invite you to stop by and sumbit an entry.


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