Nicaraguan Cuisine

Early on in preparation for the trip my girls told me to be sure and take pictures of everything we ate, which I promised to do.  Had I not told our traveling companions about this request, they might have thought I had some sort of odd blessing or eating ritual!  Every plate that was set in front of me was photographed before I took a bite.  And sometimes I would grab a shot of other plates at the table if they were different from mine.

It was an important part of the trip and part of the culture that would have been long forgotten had I not digitally captured it.

 I hope you enjoy reading about some of our Nicaraguan breakfasts.

This meal was  mentioned in an earlier post, but since this one is devoted to food I will elaborate on it.
We were fresh in Nicaragua and our first adventure of the day was going to be breakfast which we wanted to be a common local meal.  This is what Paula recommended:

First morning in Nicaragua. Hotel Mozonte, Managua.

Scrambled eggs, toast, gallo pinto, cheese, jelly and coffee.

Gallo Pinto - a traditional and typical dish of fried rice (sometimes with onion and pepper) and red beans that are mixed and fried all together. It was usually presented molded on the plate like you see above.

It was our experience that Nicaraguan toast, at least the hotel variety, has a very quick trip through the toaster. I can't say exactly what kind of jelly we were served, but I can tell you it wasn't Bama apple jelly or Welch's grape jam!

Mornings two and three Bobby and I were flying solo (or would that be duo?) at Poneloya beach. The highlights of these simple continental breakfasts were the indescribably delicious fresh fruit juice and the tropical jelly with seed and pulp bits. That, and the beautiful Pacific surf just a few yards away.
The remains of a beach breakfast.

We enjoyed some delicious breakfasts at the Euro Cafe in Granada. I will be sharing more about the cafe when we get to Granada in this travelogue, but for how here is a look at some yummy morning goodness.
Yes, the bananas were that yellow and the pineapple was that white.  And it was the best fruit I ever had! 

Fresh fruit bowl  of bananas, pineapple and papaya
with some delicious Nicaraguan coffee.

Huevos rancheros the Euro Cafe way:
 ham, boiled egg slices and cheese on a bagel.

Jumbo chocolate chip muffin, fresh fruit with
 cafe-made granola and yogurt, and an iced latte.

Other breakfasts were usually at the house in Granada consisted of pastries purchased downtown or something simple we had on-hand.  So I guess I didn't photograph everything we ate.  I also missed the fun little breakfast we had at the Managua airport the day we left--an assortment of rolls and pastries.

More food to come!


Sheri said...

Yummy! The rice and bean dish is especially interesting.

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Linda Jacobs said...

You are good! I always forget to take pictures of food. What a great way to remember your vacation and food is always the best part! I love to eat!


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