Nicaraguan Food Fun

I have a whole long post I want to do on the Nicaraguan food that we enjoyed there, but until I can get it all put together, here are a couple of interesting things I wanted to share.

I'm pretty much consumed at the moment (all week & counting) performing my civic duty, and so tired I can hardly string words together, so this will be quick.

Notice the interesting way the salads are presented, stacked carefully in little pyramids.  And most salads come with a slice or wedge of beets.  This was a theme we observed the entire trip.

Of the four salads above, we only ate the one on the blue tablecloth.
 More about that in the food post yet to come.

I didn't discover this next little oddity until I was editing pictures for the afore mentioned 'food post yet to come'.  On several occasions I captured my eyeglasses/sunglasses in the pictures with the food.  It is a habit of mine to not eat in my glasses, but I thought it was funny that they turned up so often in the pictures.  I can guarantee they are just out of range in all the others in the 'food post  yet to come'. 

I will be back when my head clears, hopefully sooner than later!


Kristin said...

Haha! That is too funny! I can't eat in my glasses either! I always take them off.

Amy said...

Love the collage with all your glasses! Ha! That's fun.

Betsy said...

Bet you had slipped your shoes off under the table too.

Linda Jacobs said...

Too funny!

The food looks delicious! Looking forward to your next post.

And congratulations on yet another precious grandchild in October!

Sheri said...

Now I'm curious. I'm wondering why you just ate the one salad on the blue cloth???


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