Back to our regularly scheduled program....

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well-wishes for our grandsons. I am happy to report that both boys are home and doing well--I'm just sorry to be so slow in getting the updates posted.

Logan was diagnosed with a heart condition called PDA, somewhat common in preemies, but rare in full term babies.  The doctors at Arkansas Children's expect it to resolve on its own, which is certainly our prayer, and they will be following up with Logan.

This little cowboy is also doing well and will also be having follow-ups with his team at Children's in Dallas.  His mama posted a nice update here, if you want to pop over there for the details.

And now, a little peep at some photos I took while in Arkansas.  
Both of these pictures are views from the Children's Hospital.

Arkansas State Capitol

Little Rock skyline at sunset


Kristin said...

We sure do miss you up here in Arkansas.

Linda Jacobs said...

So thankful both boys are doing better! Sweet pictures of them!

Also love the two Arkansas scenes with the sun in the upper left of one and reflecting off the other!

Cindy said...

That baby is beautiful.


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