Baby feet, Baby seats

We were blessed with a whole week of this deliciousness:

Happy squeals of delight every morning.

Lots of smiles.  Just enough crying and fretting to know there was a baby in the house.

Sweet feet.

And of course, we thoroughly enjoyed having this little man's mama around!  For more fun from the visit see here and here

Along with babies comes a lot of gear.  
We have accumulated some of the standard pieces that stay at our house.  
Then Logan arrives with some of his own.  Add to that a musical chair switch of car seats. 
I looked around one morning last week and became aware of baby gear tucked in every corner of the kitchen/nook/hall and couldn't resist pulling it all together.

We were all amazed at the massive collection.

Before it was all stashed  relocated, we had a little fun.  
Thanks Brooklyn for being a good sport.

Since Brooklyn is the only girl (so far) in the male dominant grandchild brood, we have to make the most of what we have!


Kristin said...

I had SO.MUCH.FUN! We must do it again sometime. ;)

Amy said...

*Sigh* Love that boy!

Amy said...

(and his mama) :)

Linda said...

Oh, that Logan is a handsome fella! Great pictures, Lisa! I love how creative that one of Brooklyn is!


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