Change is all around us. Most of it we can't control. Some we can. I have had a lot of both in my life lately and I'm learning to embrace it. As my life is taking a new direction I decided it was time to take the blog down a new path as well. I will be posting a travel journal of sorts to document our simple journeys and I would love to share it with you. Welcome!


Skies ablaze

Driving home from North Little Rock last night we were treated to miles and miles 
of this glorious spectacle courtesy of our Creator.  
Genesis 1:1

Westbound I-30, Arkansas


Kristin said...

I saw this same sunset! So beautiful. These pictures are much better than the one I snapped with my phone.

Amy said...

Wow!! Beautiful!

Linda Jacobs said...

Do you know the poem "She Sweeps with Many Colored Brooms"? It's by Emily Dickinson. I thought of it immediately when I saw your swept sunset. Absolutely stunning photos!


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