Play Out Loud & Own the Moment

This was my first time to video working on two pages at once.
I'm sure I've done it before, but never documented it.

I didn't know it was going to be two pages when I started.
I was simply playing with papers and paint.
When the background papers didn't seem to go together, 
I decided to open the book and do two pages at the same time.

I used acrylic paints, spackling paste,
stamps, a 'found' stencil, brayer,
stabilo all pencil and water brush.

Since the background papers were so different, I decided to make 
the pages as different as possible.

On this page I used  Alex creamy crayons, Color Box chalk inks,
Zing embossing powder, Sharpie marker, harlequin stencil, stamps,
magazine image collage.

                                                    Go HERE to see the process video of the pages. 

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