Abstract ideas

My style can generally be described as vintage, romantic, Victorian. But sometimes I like to try my hand at abstract. After all, what self-respecting artist wants to become stagnant?

Using color, shape and contrast, a unique and pleasing page can result.

Some need no words:

This page was just getting started and suddenly it seemed finished:

This page is a burst of color, sparkle and glitter!

These are some of my favorites in my abstract category:

There is actually a mirror in the pupil of the large blue eye. It is really a neat effect.


Michelle said...

I like your page Aunt L! I got your link from a comment on your eldest child's page. Your books are so pretty. How in the world does one get started on such a journey?

Nona Parry said...

"Fish out of water" is a hoot! It's another one I wish I'd done :-)


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