Words and Pictures

Just as a new altered page often begins with a blank background and no plan, so begins this entry. Each new page needs a source of inspiration before it can take shape—a color or a picture, or even a mood. When I sit with a book before me, I have within reach many things to stimulate my visual senses—paints, chalk, colorful patterned papers, pictures that I have collected because I found them pleasing. I can rummage in my boxes and feel soft feathers, tender dried leaves, lace, buttons and a myriad of other things that delight my fingers. Some combination of these elements ignites a spark and the page begins. It starts with a simple idea—rarely is the entire page conceived at one time. It is created layer by layer, detail by detail, a special embellishment, until the end result is satisfactory, or satisfaction ends the process. That is also how this entry began. A blank page. The colors and textures were replaced with my thoughts and words. It will be complete with an illustration, which is by nature only an embellishment of words.


Linda said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. Your book pages are beautiful! I was especially drawn to "Fish Out of Water" because my husband is a pilot and also loves to fish!

I also like how your pages don't always have photos. Right now I feel locked in to preserving the past but really want to just start an altered book to use as a journal. Ah, so many wishes, so little time!

If I hadn't become a teacher, my second choice would have been a librarian.

Betsy said...

You have always loved paper. As a little girl you saved papers you had written or liked. Now you have found a creative way to express yourself with altered books. Keep up the good work.
Your No. 1 fan.


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