Banner Month - week 1

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Banner Month:
January edition

The theme for this month will be "DREAM"
The post will be up each Wednesday
Week 1 will incorporate the letter "D"

Week 2 will be "R"

Week 3 will be "E"

Week 4 will be "A"

Week 5 will be "M"

also Week 5 will feature the completed banner

The optional directive for Week 1:
incorporate a dragonfly in your design.

When you have your post up, come here, sign in with Mr. Linky then leave a comment.
(In case I didn't do Mr. Linky right....just leave a comment)


Gabrielle Madsen said...

This is a really fun challenge! I love the freedom and the endless potential...thanks for hosting this Lisa,

Silvia said...

Hello Lisa and a happy new year. Your challenge idea is great and I'm looking forward to the next weeks.

paru's_circle said...

Hi dear
your banner is AWESOME!! gotta run now and see what i can use to start this challenge!!

Anonymous said...

hi lisa, happy new yeat to you and yours. the challenge is great

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Just found you. love to join in with this ill see what i come up with.

Hugs Sarah xx

Linda said...

Sorry about the two links. I accidentally hit enter before adding my URL on the first try. Duh!

I really enjoyed doing this! Thank you for hosting. I'm sure it's a great deal of work.

Your banner is so pretty! I love the colors. The dragonfly with the jewels is gorgeous!

Looking forward to next week's optional feature!

Linda said...

Great news about Amy holding Alan. Hope he's not in too much pain! Thanks for the update.

stamp and scrape said...

This is a lovely idea - thanks for opening it out to everyone. I did enjoy myself this morning. I thought it would be too big a size to fill, but was very comfortable with it.

paru's_circle said...

mine is up!
thanks for hosting this challenge!

Mary Lynn in Texas said...

Hello Lisa. I love your idea for the banner, and I posted my D today on my blog. Have a wonderful new year and thanks for looking.

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Thank you for reminding me... I will have to make a template and have a go first before I commit myself. It reminds me of the gothic arch a bit, and I love that! Must admit that it is a lovely initiative!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

I loved it straight away! Here is mine and thanks!

katrin said...

hi lisa!
thanks for this great challenge. i'm not verry happy with my result - my imaging was complete different.
but i want to use color against the gray and sad weather ...

wish you and your family a verry happy new year!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the challenge.


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