Just to update..........

**Updated 1/18/08** Alan was dismissed to Ronald McDonald House today as we must stay close to the hospital since he will be closely monitored in frequent lab and clinic visits until at least the first of February.

My grandson is still in ICU, recovering from a liver transplant on Dec.30. He is struggling with pneumonia and some infection.

My husband and I are still at the hospital with Alan and his parents.

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes in your comments.

I miss creating for the challenges--hope to be back soon, because that will mean Alan is better!

I will be here for Banner Month--I'm all set to post it on Wednesday. See you then! In the meantime, I'll be enjoying all of your beautiful creations! (Thank goodness for ICU wireless--great sanity-saver)


Linda Manning Findley said...

Good luck and prayers for your grandson and family ... Linda F

paru's_circle said...

hope your dear grandson is alot better soon, saying prayers for him now, regards..P

Barbara said...

This must be so hard, thinking of you and hopeing all will be well soon. Prayers to you also.

Linda said...

You are right where you should be. I keep checking Amy's site for updates and think of him several times a day. Just by being there, you are helping to create healing.

I think I missed what the optional element is for this week but have started my banner.

Thinking of you all and sending waves and waves of strength.

Kathy Maximo said...

I hope your grandson is doing well, and on the mend very soon. Sending some prayers for him and you and the family.


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